Chapter 12 - Dinner time

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Kai's POV:
I know I had stripped her of food but I wanted to show her that she had to rely on me to survive so I was still going to take her to breakfast with me. When I stepped into her room I found y-n sitting on the bed which she must have made sitting reading a book with the window open. "You can go for a shower and change into the clothes I left out for you" she put her book down on the bed and was about to walk straight past me when I grabbed her wrist and said "what do you say" she didn't bother looking up at me "thank you" she spoke with a sarcastic edge and tried pulling her arm away to which I just held tighter "thank you?" I asked as if confused "thank you Kai" she finally mumbled out, she once again asked for permission to leave by pulling her arm away this time I complied and let her go out if my grasp.

She looked so adorable in the outfit I had given her. She silently walked over to me and gave me the t-shirt I had given her the other day, I took it and put it on the bed, "we need to be at breakfast, even if your not allowed it" I mumbled the last part and began walking through the door towards breakfast, y-n following close behind.
(Time skip to at breakfast)
I took her tiny hand in mine as we approached the double doors "no talking back at anyone this time" she nodded as we walked through the entrance.

Your POV:
I couldn't help but feel nervous with everybody looking at me, I took my seat next to Kai like last time, who almost immediately began eating as soon as he sat down. "You can have whatever you want, dig in" the boy sat the other side of me said out loud, loud enough for the whole table to hear, Kai laughed "well she is banned for a couple of days" he put his hand on my leg possessively "what did you do" He sniggered as he asked me, I didn't look up at him my eyes where fixed to Kai's hand on my leg "I-I tried to run away"  my voice was quite I'm surprised any of them heard me at all "but she ended up In my office instead" Chen joined the convocation, "it won't happen again now will it" Kai outwardly spoke  "no" I quietly mumbled "no what" he said it louder making me jump slightly "no Kai" I this time whispered  "good girl" with that the table broke into several conversations and I sat lonely and scared.

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