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Mysterious Sounds

Your POV

Another year and another different school to attend to...

I don't hate the fact that I'm always moving up until now, according to my father this will the last time the family has to move, but it is difficult for me to start a friendship or to even talk in front of a person!

The majority of times I just run away from the people that try to talk with me. There was a time when someone go and tried to confess to me but in the rush of the moment I ran away and the next day I sent her a letter for apologies and explaining my little escape. Fortunately they didn't hate me but since then nobody dared to talk to me.

Now, I'm in a new school, far from Tokyo, where nobody should have listened about me. I'm just a third-year passing through the halls dressed in my new uniform as a teacher guides me to my new classroom. I'm also carrying the bag with both of my hands in front of me and the only thing that I'm seeing are the feet from my teacher as I only look at the ground.

Nervousness I slowly taking care of flooding my entire body as the teacher get to stop and turned around and faced me. "We are here" Then she knocks at the door, letting another teacher to open it and talk for a second until the teacher that guided me here goes away and the second teacher now faces me.

"Wait here until I call you" I did as she told and I could listen that she ask for silence and attention before signaling me to come in. "Girls, meet your new classmate" Slowly, I made my way towards the front of the classroom, avoiding all the gazes and just looking at the wall at the other end of the room.

"I'm (F/N) (L/N), it's a pleasure to meet you" I bowed down and then the teacher signaled me my seat at the end of the classroom, near the door, and then the class started once again.

Time skip: After Classes Ending

Third Person POV

No one got to know the new student, not in the recess nor after the classes ended. The new students was one for quick escapes and not being easily seen around, as she already got experience in running away from everyone, not even mattering how much Mari, Kanan or Dia looked for her to guide her around school and introduce her to the idol group Aquors since her gaze seemed so lonely and lost. That was in the recess.

After the classes ended, they reunited with Aquors and asked them to help them search for the new girl, giving them a photo which Dia got from the Student Council files but those were twenty minutes wasted from their practice time.

But either way, apart from her look, the third-years didn't had any other reason to search that much for her, to the point of sacrificing Aquors practice when there is a Live so near.

They sighed after everyone told them that there was no signal of her and went to change their uniforms and go to the rooftop to practice, not without first passing through the Music Room, listening to a beautiful song being played in the piano that no other than Mozart or Beethoven could have improved.

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