Chapter 023: Dying

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Brynn came to in what felt like hours later. The vines were still around her and Hopper, but they were the slightest bit looser. She struggled to get out of the vines, but there was absolutely no way. She just lay there, Hopper was pretty far away, the vines had been moving him.

"HOPPER?!?" She heard Joyce's distressed voice scream.

"Joyce..." Brynn croaked. She coughed and repositioned herself and the vine around her neck loosened up a little bit.

"JOYCE!" She managed to scream.

"Brynn?!?" She yelled. There was a thump, then another, then another. Brynn could tell that Joyce was trying to break into the tunnels. The vine tightened around Brynn's neck once again and she struggled to breathe.

"Hopper?! Brynn?!?" She heard Joyce yell. There were footsteps and voices, when she saw two figures standing over her.

"There! Bob get that knife!" Joyce stammered. Bob got the knife and cut the vine around Brynn's neck and she gasped. They cut all of the others and Brynn sat up and hugged Joyce tightly.

"Bob, get her out, I'll find Hopper." Joyce said.

"No, I can get out. Keep him with you." Brynn said. "I cant loose you, Joyce."

"Alright... Okay... just go straight that way, no turning back. There's a hole in the ceiling... you can get out from there." Joyce said. She hugged her again and Then Brynn shot up, and started running down he tunnel. She looked for about five minutes before she found the hole. She could hear voices, both of which she could recognize.

"MIKE!" She yelled. In a split second she saw Mike's face hovering over the hole.


"Help me out of here!" She said. Mike Lowered his hand down, and Brynn grabbed and used it to pull herself out of the hole. She climbed out and saw Will, standing in the headlights of Joyce's car. Her and Mike climbed out of the hole, Brynn ran to Will and hugged him tightly.

"I thought I lost you." Will said.

"You'll never lose me, Will." She responded.

"Guys..." Mike started. Brynn and Will turned around and saw tons of white repair vans pulling into the pumpkin patch. The kids all exchanged glances, then looked back at the vans. Brynn was ready to kill people, she didn't care who they were. Some men in hazmat suits ran past them into the hole, Brynn intensely eyeing every one of them. They heard yelling from in the hole, all exchanging glanced one again. All of a sudden Will fell on the ground, grunting and squirming everywhere.

"WILL?!" Brynn screamed. She knelt down beside him and grabbed his hand.

"Will what's wrong?!" She yelled, but he didn't respond. She started Panicking and Crying. Out of nowhere Will flipped on his back and Made an awful screeching noise. Brynn backed up and looked at Mike. She suddenly hugged him and cried, unable to look at her dying Best Friend.

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