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Chris's POV

do you ever realize that we are pawns in this game of life. and maybe some of us are just not meant to finish the game happily. you know how some people play board games and always end up losing, coming in last, or can't even finish the game. well that is really what i am feeling.

every time I turned on the tv something reminded me of Scarlett. weather it be a romantic movie that reminds me of her loving caring heart. or a comedy that reminds me of her laugh. or a sad movie that reminds of of how even someone so perfect can have a break down and need someone to be around her. or even those stupid gossip shows that are reporting about her and Romain. it reminded me of those times so long ago when we did date. yes surprisingly we did date. but she called it off. it broke my heart.

~~time of filming the perfect score~~

i walked around the trailers all around set. my face starred straight at the script in my hands. this movie was actually pretty cool.

"whoa Evans. you're going to run into something if you don't get your face out of the script." I saw my co star the Scarlett Johansson laughing at me from her trailer window.

"just into this script." I said with a smile.

"oh don't go showing that smile around you would make girls go crazy." she said.

"i can't have a regular conversation with you now can I?"i asked.

"nope." she said. "wanna come in?"

"sure." i said walking into her trailer. once I closed the door she jumped in my arms. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. and arms around my neck.

"can't handle the secretes we are keeping." she said.

"neither can I but you know what will happen if the news finds out scar. it will ruin the amazing beautiful thing we have,."

"I know." she said and gave me a small kiss on the lips. "you know what?"


"i'm happy."


she was always really happy. i don't understand why were broke it off. I was falling in love with her. i was in love with her and I thought that she was too. I thought she was happy. why cant she just love me? why can't she just be in love with me. she was once wasn't she? in the beginning? what happened

After she broke up with me for a reason she didn't give me, i missed her. I tried not to care and act like everything was cool. I loved her, but I tried not to even show it. I wanted her. i wanted her to be with me in my arms. but what can I do when she isn't mine any more .

she never gave me a reason. she just came in one day and the look on her face told me everything. i did ask her but she never answered.

what hurt even more is that i always thought that one day we would be pulled back together. because we were always in the same movie and i thought that was a sign. but she was starting dating. and it was horrible. the worst feeling. she got married. and my heart hurt more then anything. then her divorce. then another marriage. then another divorce but then they worked it out. why couldn't we work it out.

maybe it was time to move on. can I move on? was it really time to give up?

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