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I finally practiced enough killing some bosses before heading to the arena. I kept fighting no matter how much it tired me out. Players looked at me like I was reckless, but I didn't care. I was dead certain to get Shino's and everyone else's memories back for good.

I headed down where all the parked cars were.

"Okay I'm here like you wanted." I glared at Eiji who closed a book in his hands smirking.

"You Gonna give me her memory back?!" I demanded.

"What's the rush, blackswordsman?" He said simply.

"What's the matter, Eiji? You were pathetic in the knights of the blood oath. I only remember you because Shino told me about you. For someone second best, sure will never be first." I finished with a smirk on my face.

"Shut up!" Eiji was now getting more angry, which gave me my advantage to attack behind his neck with my sword. Eiji fell to the ground and his outfit went normal.

I place my sword behind my back and glance at him.

"Now. Why don't you give me Shino's memories back?" I asked again.

Eiji suddenly started to burst into a fit of the weird guy he is.

"You're too late, blackswordsman..all of those memories including your precious archer is gone for good. Soon Yuna is gonna be reborn and there is nothing you can do about it now." Eiji said as he started to laugh more like a maniac.

My eyes widened. No...Shino....

I clutched my fists and was ready to punch Eiji, but I held myself back and let go of him.

"No..Im gonna get Shino's and everyone else's memories back.." I muttered. I got myself up and ran straight towards the elevator.

{3rd person}

Shino sighed softly while adjusting her glasses on her face. Keiko noticed and looked at her curiously.

"Everything okay, Shino-san?" She asks.

Shino looks up and smiles a little at her.

"Y-yeah I'm fine. Just concerned about Kazuto is all." She mutters. She looks down at her engagement ring and sighs again.


I couldn't get my mind off of Kazuto. I wondered how he was..

I shook my head a little and noticed the concert was about to start. Something didn't feel quite right..the atmosphere seems intense.

Rika glanced at me concerned. "Sinonon. Are you okay?" She asks.

"No..I'm worried about Kazuto and something seems off about this concert." I explain. No point in hiding things from my friends on how I feel.

"I understand, but I'm sure is fine. As for the concert, it does seem intense, but I'm sure things are fine." Rika reassured.

I nodded slightly.

Maybe she's right. Might not be a big deal..But when I feel like this, it's usually spot on..even when I hope something isn't true. I hope I'm wrong and I hope Kazuto is alright...

I thought to myself.

I ran up the stairs and noticed the concert was starting up. I glanced around to spot Shino and some of our friends.

When I did, Yuna started to sing. Something started to seem off...

Im not gonna let Eiji or the professor have their way stealing away Shino's and everyone else's memories of SAO.

I looked right in front of me and saw Shino and our friends sitting in a mid-section. I started to run as fast I could to reach them.



"Shino!" I heard a familiar voice yell.

I looked up to see Kazuto out of breath in front of me. I wrapped my arms tightly around him.

"Kazuto, you're here.." I muttered.


{3rd person}

Kazuto happily wrapped his arms around his fiancee and lightly pecked her forehead.

"Are you alright, Shino?" He asked concerned.

"Yeah I'am now that you're here." She replies with a soft smile.

Rika, Keiko and Andrew smiled at the scene. All of a sudden, the whole arena started to shake.

Shino clutched onto Kazuto and he held her tightly.

"Alright you guys! Time for the final fight! Good luck!" Yuna announced as she winked and disappeared.

Boss monsters started to spawn all over the arena where everyone is.

"Kazuto..." Shino whispers looking scared.

A boss from SAO appeared...the death reaper that Yui got rid of a few years ago before she disappeared is right in front of them.

The monster was about to swing it's scythe, but a girl with silverish hair blocked them using some kind of shield.

Kazuto's eyes widened.


"You guys have to defeat the final boss! Use the Augma to full dive into SAO. You guys have to, otherwise, everyone here is gonna lose their memories and die!" Yuna explained.

"Okay.." Kazuto muttered. He sat down in one of the seats and so did Shino.

"I'm gonna full dive with you." Shino said.

", Rika, Keiko and Andrew will. You need to stay here." Kazuto explained.


Yui appeared in front of them.

"Mama! Papa! I can go get help! Hurry! Go get started!" Yui said. Kazuto nodded and then squeezed Shino's hand.

"Stay here with Yui. I'll be back soon." Kazuto reassured. Shino sighed softly and nodded in defeat.

"Becareful, Kazuto." She murmurs.

He gave her a quick peck on the lips and smiled. "I will."

Kazuto closed his eyes as the others did. "Link start!" The four said in unison.

Shino held Kazuto's hand and sighed.

"Please becareful..." She whispers.

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