Silent Love~Chad Sado

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Name: Aryu Ishida Or Lil Blue as Chad calls her

Age;Uryu's twin sister


Looks: Black Long hair with Blue streaks Bright Blue pale face Glasses Medium Breast purple lip piercing on each side of her bottom lip and small nose piercing

Friends:Her brother Orihemae, Rukia, Tatsuki,Keigo, Mizurio,everyone in the soul society

BestFriends:Chad and Ichigo

Like: Being weird,Loud,Lovable,Candy,crazy,Kittens, Rock Music and Chad 💚

Dislikes: Trusting some people,Mean people, Fighting, Her father disapproving of her choices ,stuck up people.

Story begins
I stared blankly at the back of Chads head I was inlove with him but I could never tell him of course "Aryu! hey are you alive!" Ichigo yells at me I looked down at my Lab work that I have yet to finish. "Ugh I don't want to do this!" I sighed still starring at Chad. "Well if you were so distracted by Ch-" I covered his mouth my eyes darted forward to Chad and my brother starring at us." Shut up Ichigo I'm not distracted." I whispered letting go of his mouth and playfully punching him. "Whatever you say lets get to work." I nodded and started writing

Chad's p.o.v
I looked back at Aryu and Ichigo she had her hand over his mouth for some reason Uryu looked back also.
"Just tell my sister you love her." Uryu sighs obviously irritated. "I can't..." I grunted I watched her flash a smile at us and let go of Ichigos mouth. "She Likes you back you know It's really annoying how much she talks about you." He says turning back to our work. "huh really?" I mumbled still watching her as her colourful locks fell over her face. "Quit watching my sister and get back to work!" Uryu grunts I nod and turn.

Aryu's p.o.v
I grabbed my stuff and walked out class after everyone had left the halls were silent I walked outside and felt the cool night breeze hit my face. "Ah such a long walk home." I mumble pushing up my glasses I made my way home taking the cuts through the park. "Hey Nerd Girl!" someone yelled to me I started to pick up my pace. the footsteps got faster behind me as I was pushed to the ground. "I WAS FUCKING TALKING TO YOU!" The man growled getting on top of me.
"NOOO GET OFF HELP SOMEONE HELP!!!!!" I Cried hitting to guy. "your pretty when you cry." the guy smirk and he slapped me across the face making more tears come to me. Keep calm I'm a Quincy I can form a weapon with my bracelet... which I left on my dresser. "GET OFF OF MY GIRLFRIEND!"

Someone yelled kicking the man in the chest my eyes shot wide I couldn't make out the figure through the tears. "Woah buddy y-your arm I-I-I'm sorry." the man studders running away. Large arms picked me up I realised who it was quickly. "CHAD!" I cried hugging him by now his arm was normal again. "Hey Lil Blue" he chuckles softly as I bury my face deeper into his chest. "Thank you so much...... but when did I become your Girlfriend?" I giggle a slight blush crept along his face. "I-uh-" I stopped him by kissing him softly he was shocked at first but then soften into the kiss. My arms clung on to his neck as he held me close to him. "To answer my question Right now is when I became you Girlfriend." I say Kissing him again. "I love you Aryu." "I love you my Big Teddy Bear." with that I snuggled closer to him and enjoyed the stars as he carried me home.

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