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Laura pets Max's head softly as he lays down at her feet. She's been the owner of him for 4 years. He had a life just like Laura's; they were both scary, but they were both alive right now, something that made their bond even tighter.

"Alright, Max. You wanna go outside? I need to get food," Laura says, kind of mumbling to herself.

At the mention of outside, Max jumps off the bed and begins running around the upper floor in excitement. Rolling her eyes at his puppy-like behavior, Laura gets out of bed and makes her way downstairs. Max follows her down, and jumps up by the door.

"Max, you're not a puppy anymore, please be patient," she says, laughing at his disappointed whine. She lets him outside, leaving the door open so that he can come in as he pleases.

Laura walks into her kitchen and stares aimlessly at the calendar.

"Gerard comes today," she mumbles, realizing it's been three days. She's slightly more prepared, but she could never truly love Gerard the way their parents wanted her too.

Yesterday was the first day she had even thought about Gerard. She had cleaned out the extra bedroom, since she refused to sleep with Gerard, and had even vacuumed it. He should feel so lucky.

Laura sighs as the doorbell rings. It's time.

She stares outside at Max who runs across the yard, assumably after a squirrel. Laura walks to the main part of the apartment, and pulls open her door.


is the first word out of Gerard's mouth. Laura offers him no word of greeting or even a happy to see you facial expression. The only thing running through her mind is the fact that he was significantly taller than her. He appears almost a foot taller than her.

"Why are you so tall?" she asks, staring up at him.

He chuckles, amused at how that was the first thing she said to him.

"Why are you so short?" he asks in return, smirking down at her. She groans in frustration.

"Touché, Piqué," she says, allowing him to step inside with his bags. Max comes running inside at the scent of a new body, and he immediately begins to growl upon seeing Gerard.

"He senses a disturbance in the force," Laura says in a deep voice. "Max, this is Gerard. Gerard, this is Max. I know I told you not to like him, Maxie, but since I have to act nice, so do you."

Gerard shuts the door behind him, and stares at the dog.

"He's a beautiful dog," he says, but Laura immediately walks away. Her only wish is to show him his room and get to her daily duties.

"So, here is where you'll stay," she says, opening the door to the spare room. "The bathroom and closet are through that door; they kind of connect."

"Thank you," Gerard says.

He could tell Laura wasn't going to give him an easy time. He didn't blame her, but he was hoping that someday, he'd get a break from her.

"So, do you have your own car?" Laura immediately asks.

"Yes, I do, it's kinda how I got over here," he says sarcastically. She glares at him, but quickly shakes off the remark. "I'll have to make the trek to the Catalan kingdom everyday to do my princely duty, of course."

"Well, as long as you have a car to take yourself," she says, hoping the conversation wouldn't continue much longer.

"What about you? Do you get drive yourself or get driven around, princess?"

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