Chapter 25

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It all started when Ryker walked through the door with a hard on and a lipstick mark on his neck. I wasn't with him. Which only meant one thing.

"Ummm. Ryker why are you hard and why do you have a lipstick mark on your neck." I was with Crystal taking down the Christmas decorations when he walked through the door. From my outburst, Crystal noticed, walked up to him, whispered something in his ear, then slapped him.

I gasped then remembered what he had on his neck. Is he cheating on me? I say I would be angry but I'm... falling apart just thinking about it. I can't believe he would do that. With a look of desperation, I put my hand on my belly and sat down. I stared at the floor till I knew Ryker's parents walked in. Sandra saw what Ryker looked like and immediately came to me. She hugged me and I was glad because I needed that hug. I just needed one from Ryker. How could he cheat when he knows we have a baby on the way? He was supposed to be getting gas but for an hour?

I thought I was good enough. I looked up at Ryker only to see him in deep thought with confusion swirling around his eyes. Does he not know what a crappy person he is right now?

I pulled away from Sandra and gave her a reassuring nod. Once I turned around I saw a disappointed Daniel looking over Ryker who was now on his knees with a tear falling down his face. I walked over to him then kneeled down. I gently moved his face to look at mine.

When his eyes locked with mine I immediately started tearing up. My mind flashed to all the times we locked eyes. From the Dorito incident to all the times when he smiled and looked over and me, to when I got kidnapped then to now. I didn't realize I passed out till all the flashbacks were over and I was left in an abyss of darkness.

I couldn't see or taste, oh but I could feel, hear, and smell. I could feel Ryker's rough yet soft hands hold my soft ones compassionately. I could hear Ryker whispering to me sweet nothings and "it wasn't what it looked like". I could smell his cologne, the one I love, my favorite.

I didn't know whether to believe him when he says the boner was because he was thinking of me and the lipstick mark was from me earlier that morning. When will I wake up?

Snapping out of my thoughts when I heard a door click open realized it must be the doctor because I hear the beeping machines in the background. All of a sudden the sounds get louder causing me to get a headache. I start to freak out because the machines are drowning out all of the frantic voices around me. In the spur of the moment, my mind focuses on one voice and one voice only. Ryker's.


Then everything went black.

Ryker's P.O.V.

I've never been this scared in my life. Not just for Sarah but for our baby. I would never cheat on her. Never. I wouldn't even think about it. She's my everything. I wouldn't do something stupid and lose my everything. She just thinks differently. It's crazy how fucked up your day can get in five seconds.

It's all my fault if our baby is harmed. Sarah would hate me and she has a right to. I couldn't live in a world where I harmed our baby maybe even killed and Sarah hates me beyond my imagination. Sitting here with those things running through my head is time-consuming because before I know it the doctor comes out to tell me Sarah is awake.

When I walked in I realized my parents were in the room too. Since they think I was cheating on Sarah they both look at me with a glare. I look over at Sarah and see that she's eating her food. I laugh mentally because she didn't even hear me walk in; she was too busy eating her food.

I took one step before Sarah's made eye contact with me. Not gonna lie she scared me.

"What are you doing?" She held hurt behind her tone but before I could say anything my mom replied.

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