012 | the bernabéu

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❝NATALIA, I'M NOT DUMB,❞ Raphaël laughed, bringing up what had happened at the café four days ago

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NATALIA, I'M NOT DUMB, Raphaël laughed, bringing up what had happened at the café four days ago. "I know James didn't want me there, at all."

Natalia immediately shook her head, "No Rapha, maybe he was just in a bad mood."

Raphaël and Natalia currently sat on the couch inside her apartment. At first talking about how his practice had went. But then Raphaël has decided to talk about what happened at the café.

"James? Being in a bad mood? That's impossible, he's always smiling. He was with you, which with no doubt made him happy. I know he was like that because I was there."

"I feel like James doesn't like me," Raphaël added.

"Don't be crazy, Rapha. And if it was true, whey would he feel the need to not like you?"

Raphaël shrugged, not wanting to continue the conversation about James and what had happened yesterday anymore.

"Are you coming to today's game?"

"Maybe, who knows," Natalia answered.

Raphaël sighed. "You always say that and never show up. You missed the first game of the season also. Come on you live in Madrid, you're able to go to games whenever you want because you're friends with most of the players, and you still choose to not go?"

"Raphaël–" she begun, when she was interrupted by a loud ping coming from her phone, indicating she had just received a message. She reached over and saw that James had texted her.

Natalia unlocked her phone and saw the message completely: 'Most of the guys told me you haven't been to the Bernabéu in a while, and I wanted to ask you wanted to come to today's game? You don't have to but I'd like to see you, and apologize for how I was acting last time we saw each other. I really hope to see you there.'

Natalia bit her lip and smiled at the text James had sent her.

"What are so smiley about?" Raphaël laughed.

Natalia looked up and shook her head. "No. It was nothing," she said as she locked her phone and put it down.

"I know that wasn't nothing. You're smiling and your cheeks are turning a bit pink, now tell me who texted you," he said with a grin. Over the time he had grown close to Natalia, he had learned lots of things, but this smile that she had on her face– it was only a smile James could put on her face.

"James asked me to go to today's game–"

"And you are going right? Don't tell me 'I have no time to go' or 'I have work tomorrow and I need to sleep' because, today's game is at six in the afternoon and you have no plans today, so come on," he interrupted.

Natalia scoffed. "What if I just don't want to go, Rapha?" She had always been a very stubborn person, she wasn't the easiest person to convince, but Raphaël had his ways.

"Come on Natalia. At least do it for me! Or do it for James, he might feel bad that you didn't show up."


"Please?" Raphaël asked with a pleading smile, no one could possibly resist that. Natalia nodded with a small smile, agreeing to come to today's game.

James sighed as he locked his phone, he hadn't received a message back from Natalia telling him that she would come. So he decided to just assume she wouldn't be coming to the match. Maybe she just didn't want to talk to me. Or even see me.

James talked with his teammates to get Natalia off his mind for a bit. He wanted to give his all for this match, to show that he deserved his spot at Real Madrid, and that he didn't need to leave again. He was talented and an amazing player, worthy of playing for any team.

He smiled at the scenery in front of him, the thousands of fans around him, waiting for the match to begin. He couldn't help but feel like this is where he really belonged. James enjoyed having the support of all the fans at the stadium but, it wasn't the same as knowing that Natalia was watching him, cheering him on. She was always his biggest fan, supportive of everything in his football career, no matter if he was in Germany, she wouldn't miss a game where he would be starting in.

She loved to see that magic that James brought to the pitch whenever he touched the ball. The footwork she was so used to seeing but nonetheless amazed by his grace and delicacy when he played, and the passion he had for the beautiful game.

As Natalia watched James play from the stands, she was always amazed. She could never get tired of watching him play. Seeing him run around the pitch and play with so much passion, easily brought memories from when they were younger and he would run around with his friends, dreaming of being the best footballer in the world.

Who knew that the shy boy from Colombia could come so far and reach his dreams? She did because, she always believed in him. Natalia knew that James was destined for amazing things.


James walked out of the locker rooms with a smile on his face, being proud of himself for scoring in today's match. The match had ended with a win for the home team.

When he turned the corner, he saw Natalia standing there with a smile on her face. "You played amazing, like always," she smiled, making James' smile grow even bigger.

"Thank you, Nata. I didn't think you were going to come to the match since you never answered," he confessed.

"I'm really sorry about that, it slipped my mind to answer you."

James nodded, "It's fine," he smiled. "I wanted apologize for how I acted the other day–"

"It's okay, James. You don't need to apologize for that," she laughed. "You want to go and get something to eat?"

James nodded, having the same grin apear as it had when he had first seen her. "Where do you want to go?"

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