Part 23- Zane's apology

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(Timeskip morning)

Jess' Pov

I woke up from my nap and saw that Sly wasn't there. I sat up and went to the bathroom to take a bath, I finished taking a bath and wore my clothes. I went out of the room and saw that Mystreet was awake "Hey Jess" someone said from behind, I turned around and it was Sly "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" I ask a bit angrily "Hey, hey. Don't get too mad Jess, it's okay. I just wasn't able to cook" Sly said "Hey" Mika said coming down with some cooked food "There's a kitchen upstairs?" I ask and looked at Sly "Apparently" Sly said "Just eat. These guys have food too, though it isn't this" Mika said and gave us pancake with sausages "Thanks" Sly and I said as we both sat down and ate "Hey Mika! What do we get?" Aaron asked "You get eggs" Mika said giving them scrambled eggs, I saw, as Mika gave the eggs to Zane. He sat down and ate as he quietly cried "Zane, I need to talk to you later" I said and continued eating. After eating, I placed mine and Zane's plate in the sink as I removed his cage and lead him upstair's. Zane and I were then able to go in an empty room that Sly had, we entered the empty room and Zane sat there in the corner of the room and I sat down in front of him "So.. what do you want?" Zane asked in a tone of sadness "Why are you sad?" I ask "I'm... sorry.. for what I did to you and your friends and family, I was forced to by Aaron. I never want ed to hurt you because I understood that you had your own family and life" Zane said as he bit his lower lip, preventing to cry and I hugged him briefly  "It's alright" I said and he cried "Don't hide your feeling's, it's okay to cry" I said and let him cry.

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