Chapter 31

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Finn POV

"Lets do this" I say getting out

We both walk toward the nightclub that this bastard was supposedly in

I'm going to kill him

Sam stops on his tracks which makes me stop also. I look at him

"What?" I ask impatiently waiting to go and get this asshole

"Just, be careful. You do know he's in a gang. I'm a police officer... you aren't" he explains

"Well it's worth me getting hurt" I say entering, sam following also

It was packed, strippers and men... it smelled of alcohol and sweat, this is disgusting

"Do you know remember what he looks like?" I ask him

"Of course" he says simply

"We can't make it look obvious, incase word gets back to him and then he does a runner" Sam says sitting down on one of the bar stools

I know where he's coming from but I just want to beat the shit out of him for what he done to Rachel

Sam looks around and his eyes go wide

"There he is, don't look but he's like 6 feet away from you" Sam says slowly getting up

I slowly turn around to see my enemy, only feet away from me

I have a plan

I walk up to him and just start friendly conversation, make him think I like him and then get him outside

I nod over to Sam to say that I've got this

"So did you see the game last night?" I ask

"Yeah, it was pretty good. They have some brilliant players on that team. I'm hunter" he says extending his hand for me to shake

I regretted this but I had to shake it

We stood talking for about 10 minutes when he decided to ask if we could go outside for a cigarette

I don't smoke but I go with it

Before we go out I introduced Sam to hunter, all 3 of us go outside for a 'cigarette'

He pulls the packet out and offers one to me and Sam but deny

"So if you guys don't smoke why are you out here?" Hunter asks taking a puff

"So that we could do this" I say punching him in the jaw forcefully

He fell onto the ground but decided to get back up and face me

"What was that for?!" He exclaims

"For raping and almost killing my girlfriend!" I exclaim back pinning him up against the brick wall of the club

"She's a slut anyway" he says testing me

I laugh angrily and throw him into the metal gate

He moans in pain as he tries to get up but I bent down and started punching him one after the other making him bleed like hell

I decide that I had to have a finale so I twisted his arm around popping it out of the socket.

"AAHH!!!!" He screams

Sam puts the cuffs on his wrists, not caring if it hurt him and put him in the cop car

He looks at me

"Well done bro" sam says high giving me

"I'll give you a lift to the hospital" he says guiding me to the car

When I get in I smile wide, sam starts up the car and we proceed to the hospital

When we pull up I pull out my wallet

"Here sam, Thanks buddy" I say handing him the money but he forcefully pushed it back towards me

"I don't need money finn, go and rachel something with it" sam reasons

I put the money back into my wallet and get out saying my goodbyes to Sam. I go to the back window, hunter looks at me and I give him the middle finger and walk into the hospital

I go up to Rachel's room and walk in to see her reading a book

"What's that?" I ask making her jump

"Fifty shades of grey" she says not letting her eyes go from the book

What's fifty shades of grey?

Ugh I don't know

I sit beside her and read a little bit before I had to stop

"Wow, that's a little detailed rach......" I say looking away because of how the author was describing their sex

"Well I like it" she says smiling still not taking her eyes away from the book that was now possessing her love life

I had enough

I go onto the bed and climb over her, I kiss her slowly making her put the book down

I slide my tongue at the bottom of her lips wanting access which she opened

I stopped to tell her what me and Sam had done

"Listen babe, I've got so good news" I say looking at her carefully

She nodded saying to continue

"Me and Sam got the person who raped you, I gave him a beat and he's in jail" I say smiling

She immediately pulled my face down to kiss her

I could feel her smile into the kiss

"Thank you, I love you so so so much" she smiles

"I love you more more more" I smile also

I climbed off of her and went to go and get water

At least I got my revenge

Hey! Sorry for not updating, it was Christmas. I got glee season 2 for Christmas because I didn't have it. What did you guys get? Hope you enjoyed the chap and don't forget to comment and vote. Love you all💖💗💝💕😘❤️

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