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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1 unforgiven

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~Before school~

"Emmalai, you'll be late for school!" I heard dad yell, so I started to fake cough. Never works. My name is Emmalai Young Hutcherson. I hated school because people thought I was related to my idol, Josh Hutcherson. "Emmi, that never works. Get your butt down here!" I did, and at least it was PJ day.


The kids made jokes about me marrying Josh but stuck in school. "Guys I am NOT!" I yelled. "Emmalai! Go to the principal's office!" The teacher said. That's what I get for yelling. "Emmalai Young Hutcherson. Related to Josh Hutcherson?" It's funny, our principal is a kid. "NO!" The principal got angry at me. "4 hours of detention." She said, then used her gavel and gaveled. 

~Hour in detention~

When will this torture be over!? "Emmai, whatch you doing here?" Sitch asked. "Detention DUH!" I said. I could whoop him anytime. "For what? I punched a teacher." I had to make up something to beat that! "I kicked Mr. Kingsley in his... You get the point!" I said, watching Sitch back off. 

~Second hour in detention~

At least it's senior year. I can graduate, but with my grades I know I won't. "Feet off the desk Miss. Hutcherson." A teacher walked in. She tried to hit me with a ruler, but I grabbed it and flung it at Sitch. "Extra 3 minutes, Hutcherson." She said, retrieving her ruler. She fell asleep right when she sat in the chair. "Party?" Sitch asked. "Party." All the guys (yes I was the only girl there) and me danced on the desks and sang I'm Peeta and I know it.  Then the teacher woke up. "Girl look at that body I-" She looked at me. "Bake bread?" I said, hurrying to sit in my seat. "You guys are evil children," she said running out. We all stood on our desks and I finished. "I BAKE BREAD!" I said. 

~Third hour of detention~
The party was over, and right after I danced with all the guys and they all sang Peeta and I Know it, we fell asleep.  I lay my head on the ground, everything blacking out...

~Fourth hour of detention~

Still asleep someone was sitting by me. I could hear them talking, me NOT listening...

"Emma? Emma?" Someone asked. I woke up. "Sitch?" I asked. I looked at the person, my vision  made it look like Josh Hutcherson in disguise. "Josh?" I asked. "Yes but call me your dad okay?" He whispered. 

~Walking home~

"How do you know where I live?" 

"What's your full name, Emma?"

"Emmalai Young Hutcherson."

"Drink this soda."

"Should I trust you, dad?"

"That dad thing can stop you know?"

"Sure, Josh."


"Dad? Josh Hutcherson just walked me home!" I said, still holding Josh's soda. He already walked to my room. "Yes, he's- look mom's home!" He said running (kinda) outside.  I ran/walked up the steps. Then sat on the top, texting a number that said hi. Then Josh came out of my room. "Did Mr. Hutcherson tell you yet?" He asked. "Tell me what?" "That he got the Hunger Games Blu-ray." Josh sat next to me. "Is this your number?" I asked, showing him the number on my phone. "Yeah." He smiled. "Hey kids! Come give mom a hug!" I looked at my mother. Josh seemed to be staring at me. I realized we looked strangely alike. He walked down the steps with me. I hugged her. "The twins. So adorable!" Mother said. I looked at Josh like; 'O_O'.  He looked at me the same way too. We both had cracked up in my room. "I can tell people right?" Josh asked. "As long as I can!" I said, falling on my back laughing. "Do you think they were joking?" He asked, stopping laughing. "I don't know. There's a thing to mention for supper!" I said. "I see you like me? That's awkward since we maybe are related. So do I need pictures of you on my side of the room?" I nodded like 'duh!' He laughed. He pulled out a camera and I leaped for the bottom of my bed. "I need a picture of you! You said I needed a picture of you!" I got out of under the bed and smiled. SNAP! The picture was taken. 

~Dinner Table~

"Were you guys lying about us being twins?" Me and Josh asked at the same time. "No, you look alike and sound alike and talk alike." Mother said rolling her eyes. As soon as she said 'sound alike' me and Josh were already arguing. "I do NOT sound like-" "At least-" "Let me-" "I DON'T SOUND LIKE YOU!"  We yelled at the same time. Ever argued with a celebrity? It's fun! "Oh really? Kids what's your favorite place?" Dad asked. "HOME!" Josh and me said at the same time and turned to walk to our rooms at the same time. On the way up the steps, Josh said, "Maybe we are twins..." "No it's impossible. You're my IDOL! I would never be related to you!" He may of looked offended but it IS the truth. "Could be true. Let's see the birth certificates." I showed him and scared to look (me), he said, "we are twins." "What?! " My Idol is my brother. TWIN brother. "Oh, you don't LIKE me?"  He said, sarcastically. "Right. I don't like my twin." I said. "At least you're pretty. I wouldn't want a hobo for a twin." "Well I already have one." "We're triplets?" Josh said. Then he finally said, "hey!" I laughed as he chased me into my room. He tackled me. He looked into my eyes. He leaned in and- "Hello! We're TWINS! Related!?" I said. "Oh yeah. Sorry Emma you're just so-" I hugged him and cut him off, he hugged back. 

~Nighttime in the Twins's room~

"Hey you awake?" He asked me. "Yeah. I can't believe you're my twin. Wait! Maybe this is all a dream!" I said, we both pinched ourselves. Nothing happened. "Sweet!" He said, running around the room. Well readers, behind the scenes Josh Hutcherson. "Emma, you're so- twin-like." I looked at him. "Hey I dare you to walk to the kitchen and put onions on dad!" I said. "Okay." He said. He is SO my twin.

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