Chapter 1 unforgiven

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~Before school~

"Emmalai, you'll be late for school!" I heard dad yell, so I started to fake cough. Never works. My name is Emmalai Young Hutcherson. I hated school because people thought I was related to my idol, Josh Hutcherson. "Emmi, that never works. Get your butt down here!" I did, and at least it was PJ day.


The kids made jokes about me marrying Josh but stuck in school. "Guys I am NOT!" I yelled. "Emmalai! Go to the principal's office!" The teacher said. That's what I get for yelling. "Emmalai Young Hutcherson. Related to Josh Hutcherson?" It's funny, our principal is a kid. "NO!" The principal got angry at me. "4 hours of detention." She said, then used her gavel and gaveled. 

~Hour in detention~

When will this torture be over!? "Emmai, whatch you doing here?" Sitch asked. "Detention DUH!" I said. I could whoop him anytime. "For what? I punched a teacher." I had to make up something to beat that! "I kicked Mr. Kingsley in his... You get the point!" I said, watching Sitch back off. 

~Second hour in detention~

At least it's senior year. I can graduate, but with my grades I know I won't. "Feet off the desk Miss. Hutcherson." A teacher walked in. She tried to hit me with a ruler, but I grabbed it and flung it at Sitch. "Extra 3 minutes, Hutcherson." She said, retrieving her ruler. She fell asleep right when she sat in the chair. "Party?" Sitch asked. "Party." All the guys (yes I was the only girl there) and me danced on the desks and sang I'm Peeta and I know it.  Then the teacher woke up. "Girl look at that body I-" She looked at me. "Bake bread?" I said, hurrying to sit in my seat. "You guys are evil children," she said running out. We all stood on our desks and I finished. "I BAKE BREAD!" I said. 

~Third hour of detention~

The party was over, and right after I danced with all the guys and they all sang Peeta and I Know it, we fell asleep.  I lay my head on the ground, everything blacking out...

~Fourth hour of detention~

Still asleep someone was sitting by me. I could hear them talking, me NOT listening...

"Emma? Emma?" Someone asked. I woke up. "Sitch?" I asked. I looked at the person, my vision  made it look like Josh Hutcherson in disguise. "Josh?" I asked. "Yes but call me your dad okay?" He whispered. 

~Walking home~

"How do you know where I live?" 

"What's your full name, Emma?"

"Emmalai Young Hutcherson."

"Drink this soda."

"Should I trust you, dad?"

"That dad thing can stop you know?"

"Sure, Josh."


"Dad? Josh Hutcherson just walked me home!" I said, still holding Josh's soda. He already walked to my room. "Yes, he's- look mom's home!" He said running (kinda) outside.  I ran/walked up the steps. Then sat on the top, texting a number that said hi. Then Josh came out of my room. "Did Mr. Hutcherson tell you yet?" He asked. "Tell me what?" "That he got the Hunger Games Blu-ray." Josh sat next to me. "Is this your number?" I asked, showing him the number on my phone. "Yeah." He smiled. "Hey kids! Come give mom a hug!" I looked at my mother. Josh seemed to be staring at me. I realized we looked strangely alike. He walked down the steps with me. I hugged her. "The twins. So adorable!" Mother said. I looked at Josh like; 'O_O'.  He looked at me the same way too. We both had cracked up in my room. "I can tell people right?" Josh asked. "As long as I can!" I said, falling on my back laughing. "Do you think they were joking?" He asked, stopping laughing. "I don't know. There's a thing to mention for supper!" I said. "I see you like me? That's awkward since we maybe are related. So do I need pictures of you on my side of the room?" I nodded like 'duh!' He laughed. He pulled out a camera and I leaped for the bottom of my bed. "I need a picture of you! You said I needed a picture of you!" I got out of under the bed and smiled. SNAP! The picture was taken.