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JayAlvarrez: @FiaVnDrHn 💙💕💞💋

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JayAlvarrez: @FiaVnDrHn 💙💕💞💋

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FiaVnDrHn: My baby 😍😚
NeelsVisser: called it 😂
AlissaViolet: Like I called Neela/Miels
Mila: First of all it's Miels because two snacks equals a meal 😏😉
JayAlvarrez: @MilaBaas BARS OH MY
MilaFanPage: @MilaRp @NeelsRp
MilaRP: Hi there 😊
NeelsRP: Hey beautiful @MilaRP
FiaVnDrHn: WHAT 😂😂😂
FiaRP: yoyoyo
JayRP: you dork stop @FiaRP
FiaRP: 💩
NeelsVisser: wow people role play as us
MilaBaas: Kinky 😂
FaZe_Banks: Y'all are weird

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