Reaping disaster! :(

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Hey Katniss, what would you do if Prim, Peeta, your parents, and/or Gale was reaped for the hunger games and you couldn't volunteer?

Well, it would depend who was reaped.

If Prim was reaped: (again)

I would try to stay strong for Mom, because I'm not sure if she would return, but you never know. WAIT! WOULDN'T I BE HER COACH? (like Haymitch) Well, then I would stay with her as long as possible, and then try my best to get her out!

If Peeta was reaped:

I would be a nervous wreak! ...........enough said.....

If my parents were reaped:

Well, my dad is already dead, but if my mom was picked, I would again stay strong for Prim. Hopefully my mom would try to survive...

If Gale was picked:

Well.......before I met Peeta...I might have cried.... a lot.... but now, Im not sure...

(If you asked me in Mockingjay I would say NO....he killed.....not spoiling)

Peeta? What about you?

Peeta said he would volunteer for his brothers and dad, but not my mom. 0.0

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