CHAPTER ONE -- Neon Lights (P)

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Chapter One -- Neon Lights (Pyre)

 The music was pumping, causing the bass to vibrate in my chest. My eyes were closed so I could take in the total environment. Everything around me was vibrant in the club, all the colors, the sounds, smells, feelings, and the men. Tonight just happened to be "Neon Night".

Everyone here was painted with glow in the dark paint. The colors green, pink, yellow and orange all stood out as I opened my eyes. Looking around the warehouse I could see all the attractive shirtless men and boys alike strutting their amazing bodies. Even some guys who should have kept their clothes on revealed their bodies. The women here were also in various states of dress and undress. It was a sight you had to be there to see. It was hard to describe.

Personally, I didn't like to show my body. I didn't have a horrible body, but seeing myself naked in the mirror at home was enough to discourage me from taking the same risk Julisa was.

At some point in the night she escaped from dancing with me to dancing with a group of women that had started a dance circle. With "Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato playing, I could see her eyes light up. Demi was her idol, and Julisa immediately jumped into the middle of the circle, taking on the beat in her own style of dance. She wasn't on Jamie Russo's dance team for being pretty, which she was.

Julisa, my best friend in the entire world, was a professional and knew it too. She had a style that no one else in the world of dance had. She combined old influences with new influences and her latina flare, producing a production that only Julisa could create. It was amazing to see.

Growing up with her, I knew she would grow up to become someone important. I wouldn't be surprised if one day she went on to have her own show.

My eyes trailed Julisa's body as she moved. She was graceful with the flare of a phoenix, and I was mesmerized. Even though I was gay and had a deep love for men's physique, I wasn't blind. I could see that Julisa's body was a temple that she took care of and people worshiped.

The tap on my shoulder shocked me, and made me jump with the most feminine cry of shock on the planet. My voice was a higher pitch than the average man's, which didn't help me in high school. Kids truly were ruthless in their relentless teasing of me. I've since learned to embrace it and take it as a unique trait helping me stand out.

I turned and saw probably Apollo reincarnated as a man. He was tall (which I liked), blonde (which I also like), and a chiseled face. His cheekbones were so strong and gave him the air of masculinity that made my heart pound with a strength that would have done David Guetta proud.

My eyes trailed his body, and I could see every bulge of muscle on his body from his biceps, triceps, pecs, and abs. Everything was perfect. They looked strong and sinful without looking too over the top. He was just the perfect amount of muscle and meat. My mouth suddenly became dry. It felt like it was a desert and the only thing that could help would be tall glass of milk.

"Like what you see?" My eyes moved from the glow paint that climbed his body with tribal symbols to his crystal clear gray eyes. My body flared up with heat at being caught checking out a man that was so clearly out of my league.

I gulped the loudest I had ever in my life, and immediately looked down at my shoes. Ooo purple! Maybe he will just walk away and leave me to my shame alone.

When I didn't see his shoes leaving my field of sight, I looked back up at him and I could feel my face filling with the all the blood in my body.

"Sorry for staring." My voice, already at a high pitch, practically sounded like a chipmunk. I was self-conscious of myself. Even though I'd been able to embrace certain aspects of me, I still didn't have the confidence that Julisa had.

"No problems. Actually, it's a compliment to have such a cute twink looking at me. I'm flattered." Even his voice sounded to masculine. It was tempting to just reach out and feel his body, if only to scientifically feel if his body was as hard as it looked.

My body shivered at the thought of touching him and the effect his voice was having on my body. A twink, he had called me. He thought I was a twink? My body clenched tighter with a need to have a man inside me, and I was leaning closer and closer to him, not of my own control.

My breathing became labored. Just a few kind words, and I was like a bitch in heat. I needed him now, in that moment. Everything about this situation was perfect, he was gorgeous, he was into me, and I was horny. Nothing could make this better.

I was damn near humping his leg when he grabbed my shoulders and gave us some distance. My eyes went from his strong looking chest to his eyes. This was a drastic change. He looked surprised.

"I'm sorry, but I' married." He showed me his left ring finger where a solid silver band stood proudly. Of course someone had already found this treasure of a man and locked him down.

"N-no, I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking." If my face was on fire before, now it was molten lava pouring the embarrassment directly from my heart all the way to the dance floor.

"I really hate to ask you, but I've been watching all night and that girl that's dancing is amazing. You seem to know her. Can you tell me who she is?" Of course he's talking to me to ask about Julisa.

That's how it's always been. Julisa, Julisa, Julisa, everything is about Julisa. Never me!

"Her name is Julisa Rivera, and she's a dancer. What did you want with her."

"She's magnificent. I'm Lost Gurlz's manager, and they're looking for a new choreographer. Do you think she would be interested?" I sighed internally. Julisa would be all over this. Like the good friend I was, I got his card and told him she would be in touch. He nodded and walked away with a gorgeous smile.

Typical. The first time a drop dead sexy guy wants to talk to me, and it's about Julisa. I love her, but sometimes I wish I was the hottest one in the room sometimes.

**Be careful what you wish for...

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