Eyes On Her

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Part 5-

Demi's POV;

I felt Y/N moving my arm away from her but I just kept my eyes closed, I was wondering why till I felt her slowly get up off the bed, so after she left and closed the door. I look over where she was lay I see a piece of paper on her pillow, it said my name so I read it, it said

Good morning baby, sorry I wasn't here for when you woke up. Go jump in the shower I've put some joggers and t-shirt in the bedroom ready for you :) oh by the way I so wasn't looking at you whilst you sleep... You looked so cute. You're so beautiful❤️

Ps; I hope you like Starbucks ;) because that's what is waiting downstairs for you and pancakes so hurry haha!

Love Y/N xx

That defo is the cutest thing anyone has done, that little love-note or whatever has made my day, i couldn't stop smile, I was feeling good today after reading that cute note!!

I turned around getting my phone then stay laying on my side, checking on twitter see what my crazy Lovatic's saying what they want to do to me, always has me laughing.. I heard the bedroom door open, so I acted like I'm asleep because I knew it was Y/N all I see is her head popping around the door, so I opened my eyes slightly so I can see her but Y/N wouldn't of she looked at me, then next thing she's running right past me butt naked, OMG! This might sound pervy but come on if a beautiful gurl ran past you butt naked you'd have too have a look right?😜 anyways I saw her getting ready. Fuck I wanted to jump up and pull her down on the bed and fuck her hard. I was getting pretty turned on felt myself getting wet, i couldn't handle this. I had to close my eyes, when I knew she was gone and downstairs and opened twitter back up tweeted saying

"@ddlovato waking up to an amazing view 😍😏"

Few fans retweeted and tweeting back I was reading through some of them, but one caught my eye making me laugh a little it said

" @Lovatic__Fucker view as in two muffins and a flower?😏"

I really wanted to retweet it but then everyone would kinda click on, so for that I had to follow this girl she's a clever one. I started to smell the food Y/N was cooking so I closed twitter down and quickly jump in the shower, putting the clothes on she kindly lead me and went downstairs into the kitchen, even from the back she looked super fine, damn she has a nice arse. I got pulled outta my thoughts by Y/N shouting my name

Y/N: "Demi? Demi? DEMI!?"

Demi: " umm yeah?"

Y/N: " would like you stop staring at me and grab the bloody plate, ohh your coffee over there" you say pointing at the big black table

Demi: " shh! I was just looking, yeah thank you for this Y/N and that love note made my day baby"

So Demi and you was sat down just chatting about jobs, when you's knew you was gay, when you both came out, how old we both were and ect!

Demi: " Y/N I really need to tell you something but please don't freak out when I tell you okay?"

Y/N: "umm o-okay?"

Demi: " so, I wouldn't know how to tell you because ugh.. I-I'm not just a "normal person" well I am but, fuck sake Y/N I'm Demi Lovato, I'm a singer I don't know if you have heard of me but yes I'm celeb.. Sorry I didn't tell you sooner" she says with a small/shy smile

Y/N: " yeah I know who you are dems, I'm one of your crazy arse Lovatics, I was fangirling like mad last night and i still am I knew who you was, but I acted stupid the whole night because although you have the fame and stuff I just wanted to treat you like a person instead of my idol. Ohhh and thanks for the follow on twitter" you say laughing your arse off

Demi: " you fucking knew, (playfully hitting your arm) your good at hiding it baby. Well thank you because sometime I want to be treated normal, don't get me wrong I love my fans there my everything but yeah.. What you mean follow on twitter? She says looking at you confused

Y/N: " haha, yeah I know dems, that's why I did it! Well if I remember rightly you had a amazing view this morning?" You say blushing

Demi covers her face although it's not doing much because you can still she her blushing like hell. It was cute how badly she blushed over that to be honest, you go sit on Demi's lap grabbing her hands so you could see her beautiful face, she puts her head down you just put your hand under her chin lifting it up and looking deep into her eyes, you lend in to kiss them perfect lips you stop so Demi can come the other half to you and she does, your belly starts doing flips, getting butterflies as you felt her lips against yours Demi licked bottom of your lip, you let her slip her tongue inside your mouth, both of your tongues fighting but in the end Demi wins you. This make out is getting to heated for your liking you pull away and you see Demi fall back into the chair catching her breath you stand up walk to the other side of the table and carry on eating the pancakes till Demi starts talking

Demi: " that wasn't you how wrote that on twitter, don't lie to me"

Y/N: " Demi it was me, I'll prove it if I have to?"

Demi:" yes prove it!"

You start laughing because she doesn't actually believe you, but there again she didn't even think you knew who she was she's gotta be mad as! You open your twitter account and past her your phone and she just starts blushing but she soon looks up to you smiles a little putting your phone on the table again before she gets up and runs upstairs.....

Ohhh... What's going to happen?!😱

Thanks for reading guy!

I would write more but I'm just dunno what to write about, help?

Shall I cause a little drama or nah?

Demi falling in her old ways?

Or she was to embarrassed to stick around?

Idk if to tell you guys my twitter account.. I'll think about it and get back to you's 😏

Thanks again for reading!!
Hope you are enjoying it💕💕

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