Chapter 19: Dark Ones.

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I mean…Isis can still smile and joke with all this crap that has happened to her! I throw a tantrum when a teacher looks at me the wrong way. I looked down at her as she was smiling and laughing with the guys next to her. My family must have some real good karma for me to get this lucky.



I think I’m really starting to fall for her.




Chapter 19:


Gordon’s POV:



The closer it got to the end of the day the more anxious I got. My parents would be home by the time we got home…and I haven’t told them about Isis. I’m really going to have to put on my boyish charms when I get home. Especially with my mom. She can convince dad to be on my side if she is. He’s totally whipped by her, and it’s always pretty funny to see my mom wrap my dad around her finger.



“What’re you thinking about? You look constipated.” Benny joked shoving my side. I punched his arm back, “My parent’s are coming home.” I explained. He looked at me with an incredulous expression, “So? Don’t they always buy you crap when they get here? Since when do you not want them back?” He asked. I rolled my eyes and wished I could tell both him and Lyle. No dice though, I didn’t want to risk anyone else finding out. The more pieces in a game, the more of a chance that you’ll lose. “I don’t know…just being stupid I guess.” I shrugged it off lightly. He accepted that answer like the good friend he is. He may be childish most times and a complete village idiot, but he was always a good friend.




“Do you think they’ll like me?” I heard Isis ask when Lyle and Benny were out of ear shot. They were messing with another freshman making her frown at them. “They’ll love you…I just need to find an excuse as to why you’re now living with me.” I said sheepishly. She sighed and shook her before marching up to my friends and tapping them on the shoulder. They were shoving around that one nerd I had poked fun at earlier in the school year.



“And just what do you think you two are doing? Leave this poor boy alone or I’ll make sure you can’t walk straight for the rest of the day!” She demanded. I couldn’t see her face because her back was turned but I could see both Lyle and Benny’s eyes widened as they nodded jerkily. “Good…now apologize!” She spoke with authority. They looked at the freshman who was staring at Isis with his mouth agape. “Sorry little dude.” Lyle said with his face red. Benny nodded in return, “Yeah…sorry.” I found the whole thing hilarious so I started laughing.



Isis turned to look sharply at me then turned back to the freshman, “What’s your name?” She asks him kindly. He stutters, “Uh…my name is Ricky.” I saw her jerk a thumb in my direction, “Has he ever done this kind of stuff to you?” She asks making me stiffen. Oh crap! I start to back away slowly but she turns around, “You stay right there mister!” I freeze and I could hear Corbin laughing at me. She turns back around, “Has he?” She asked him again. He looked at me fearfully but Isis blocked his path, “Don’t look at him, look at me. Now answer me please.” She spoke gently but sternly. He nodded with jerky movements. Sighing loudly she turned around to face me, making me gulp.

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