#11+#22 - Kimi Raikkonen

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Another mixed one shot wohooo😊
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#11: "You need to stay away from me. " ( For TheGreatElesil 😍 )

#22: "Come on, let's go inside."

"Could we just... Stay here for a little while? I'm not ready to face them all yet." ( For talkseb 💗 )

Marina Bay, Singapore 2017

Saying you were in shock was an understatement. Every other member of the Ferrari team basically mirroring you, except for the fact that you froze in your engineer spot for the last 30 minutes or something after the incident.

Yes! Incident! Both drives and one of the Red Bull drivers had a not small colision that ruined their race. What really hurts every single one is definitely the fact that this was supposed to be a win for the team, since both cars were in a perfect position, one in first and the other in third...

Not believing yet you shake your head, before burying you face in your hands defeated! This looked like a real nightmare. Having a crush on one of the drivers was nothing close to this.

"YN, come on the team have to pack. I think you have a meeting to attend,  Maurizio and everyone are already waiting." Antti, Sebastian's trainer whisper massaging your shoulders trying to comfort you but it was useless. "It's over, now let's go."

"Ugh!" You mumble something that makes Antti giggle. . "Can't I just stay here? Meetings with everyone mad as hell aren't my type of meetings. They're gonna kill me." Antti laughs before sliding in of the the seats by your side.

"Seb and Maurizio might actually kill you, but a certain Finnish guy is probably going to hug you after this. He might need you." You roll your eyes groaning while he poke your sides. "You know, the fact that you two almost had a make out session in the elevator just makes it more clear. He likes you." Furiously running your fingers through your hair you only groan a bit louder now. "Shhh people is looking at us." He giggled a bit lower just enjoying the teasing sessions.

"Can't you just forget what happened between Kimi and I?" You ask low, avoiding his gaze. "It was a mistake, okay? He was drunk."

"Yes, he was but not you! And he stills remember what happened, he's Finnish duh! " he teased you once again smirking like a small boy.

"YN? We need you now please." One of the engineers suddenly says a little bit afraid of your reaction. Apparently you weren't calm like in the other meetings. You weren't up to control anything either.

"Ugh please!" You mumble shaking you head.

"YN, did you saw Kimi?" Shaking your head you still looking at your feet." Well then you go and find him? We don't have all the time in the world!" Maurizio groans a bit frustrated.

"Do it really looks like I'm his PR or something? " Frustration was also consuming you now and Maurizio could sense it. He felt guilty for the first time because you were the only one who was able to keep calm it didn't matter the circumstances. But he als9 knew that something was going on between you and Kimi, only you were able to bring him back no matter where he was.

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