12. Fall

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 I stand by the entrance to the Seoul Institute of the Arts, shifting from foot to foot in nervousness.

It's a little past six and no one has shown up yet.

I try to reassure myself with idle thoughts such as: "they're probably on their way right now, just stuck in traffic" or "it's dinner time anyways, some of them will be late"

It was kinda dumb to schedule the gathering at dinner time.

It's almost ten past six when the first car drives up. I feel my hopes rising as Jimin jumps out after parking his car and makes his way over to me. He looks like he's cleaned up nicely and though he's not wearing a full on tuxedo, he is dressed nicely.

"Am I late? Sorry," he apologizes, running a hand through his hair.

"No, don't worry. You're actually the first one here," I add a little sheepishly.

Jimin smiles. "They'll show up, I'm sure."

Within a few minutes after Jimin arrives, two more cars park and out comes RM and Jin.

Both look to be dressed a little nicely as well, though it looks like RM is just wearing the clothes he'd wear to college while Jin seems to have just gotten back from an interview maybe. I bow a little to them along with Jimin.

"Thanks for coming!" I try to put all the sincerity I can muster in my voice.

"Sure, sorry I'm a little late, my interview ran a little late," Jin says in slight embarrassment.

RM nods his own little apology.

"No, I'm the one that dragged you all here basically out of the blue. Please don't apologize," I shake my head, smiling a little goofily.

Next comes Jungkook, which makes my heart beat faster than it should. He walks up quietly and bows respectfully to all the other hyungs. He turns to me. "Yoongi?" he asks quietly.

I feel my smile instantly drop. "It didn't work out," I say quietly, dejectedly.

"Oh." Jungkook doesn't seem to know what exactly to say and neither do I, so he just goes over to Jimin and starts up a small conversation.

It seems like Jin and RM are also talking to each other pleasantly as well.

The fifth Bangtang member pulls up and hops out. It's V, or Taehyung, and he seems to be in high spirits. He bows a little to all the other people, including me which is unnecessary as I am not older than him, and instantly joins with Jungkook and Jimin.

I chew on my lip. I'm silently glad that Ho-sung hasn't made an appearance.

The maknae line has been united, and a remnant of the hyung line is also present. If only Yoongi was here, I think wistfully.

Now, the only person we're waiting for is J-hope.

It 6:20 when J-hope finally comes. Unlike the other members, it looks like he hastily threw on a white shirt and dark pants. His hair is still damp from maybe a shower or sweat perhaps, which makes him look hot. I mean that in both ways temperature as well as sexiness.

I quickly bow to him, so glad that he came. "I'm sorry if I interrupted something important," I tell him. "Also, I apologize for calling you a day after you told me you'd be available."

J-hope gives me a reassuring smile, though perhaps slightly tired. "It's okay." His eyes flicker up at the other boys. "Though... you did tell me you had a friend who could rap that you wanted me to meet with or something...right?" He seems a little confused with the group of boys.

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