it's So gAy. iTsoGai. ISOGAI

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Sorry for the fake chapter, currently writing 20 requests lmao 😂😂👌. I'm still open for requests, I can handle this throw em at my face.

So I got tagged by two people. I honestly dont know why people tag me bc I'm a crappy person.

I got tagged by TsumikiHikari and Akano_Izumi and crimescent

I got tagged by TsumikiHikari and Akano_Izumi and crimescent

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1. Android. J5 prime Samsung 2016.

2. Uh no. Anime yes. Celebrity Yes.
And you all know my TWO anime crushes. Let's see if you know. ( ̄▽ ̄)

3. October 4th

4. Me, Myself and I. Jk, I don't really use that best friend title. Good friends and stuff like that.

5. I have many. Probably LOSER by Kenshi Yonezu.

6. Being alone/Neglected.

7. I wonder myself. Mysterious af lmao

8. Art???

9. Volleyball-//kicked. Swimming??



I'll be honest I dont have much friends on wattpad. SHUSHHH don't tease me ;-;

I have this friend but she got tagged though, Feel free to PM me, I need friends lmao.

- Kuurochii

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