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Being flashed with ideas lately,
can't help but write them down,
I hope you don't mind.

As the title says,
this will be a Harry Potter twin sister
story. I just have a thing for them.

But it'll be a bit different to the my
usual stories - and far different from
the twin stories you might know.
This won't be the lost twin or the
abused and abandoned twin.
This won't be a Mary Sue sister, nor
will this be a copy of the Harry
Potter plot with nothing but the name
changed. There won't be a
heart shaped scar on her wrist or a
tiny twinkling star scar on her neck.

I just have enough of these
kind of twin stories in the Potterverse.
So here's my mission to create
a different one.

Also something new here:
I won't tell off who little Miss Potter
will fall in love with.
Will it be Draco? Who knows.
Might be Fred? Maybe.
Could be Cedric. We'll see.
Or Seamus? Ah, the tense!
Has someone ever written a
Vincent Crabbe lovestory?
That'd be fun!

Let it surprise you!


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All Harry Potter characters belong to the gorgeous J.K. Rowling. I just own my self created characters and the plot.

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