Episode 4: The Game Has Started

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"A week?! Have you got her that good that you think you can get her in a week?" Namjoon asked completely shocked.

"Maybe sooner but I'll say a week" I said in a 'matter of fact' tone.

"Wow cocky I see" Tae hyung pointed out as I fill with confidence.

"I'm not being cocky I'm just having a lot of confidence. AlsoI'm just saying the truth" I said proud of myself. Maybe sounding like a total douche.

"The truth?" Jimin hyung asked raising his eye brow.

"The truth" I told him sassily.

"So if you lose can I have the toy!" Hobi hyung asked out of the blue.

I thought they thought she was ugly?

"Sure but I'm not gonna loose the toy. I'll just break it" I said overly confident.  Annoying some of the other guys, Yoongi hyung being one of them.

"Wow you are being cocky" Yoongi hyung said dragging on.

"See I'm not going crazy Hyung " TaeTae complained a whine.

I was walking to my class when I was stopped. I kept my head down trying not to make eye contact. "Umm excuse me." I said still looking at the ground.

"oh (y/n), why won't you look at me?"

OH MY.. That voice I know this person! Ahhhh why me? Why today? Why is he talking to Me?

"Y/n? Are you ok? You seem a bit... off?" the man said with a sweet and caring tone.

"ah~ yes I'm fine!" I said shyly trying to avoid him.

"Are you sure? You are red!" he said concerned.

"Yes I'm fine Jeon Jungkook!" I said with my head down still down.

"Okie! If you say so. Oh and you can call me Jungkook. No need to say my full name." came a sweet voice.

"U-Umm sure, ok J-Je.....Jungkook. I have to go to class now." I said quietly, but enough where he heard me.

" Aww~ why are you leaving me? Do you not like me?" He said childish.

" what?!" I said kinda loud.

" You gonna make me cry and you still haven't looked at me!" said a childish Jungkook.

" Oh no please don't cry. How can I make it up to you?" I said as I looked at him.

" You mean it?! You're gonna make it up to me?!'' he said excited.

" Sure, but I need to know how to make it up to you" I said sweetly.

" I know how you can make it up." he said with a smirk.

"How??!" I said curious.

" Uhh how 'bout a date!?" he said sly.

" a-a- a date??" I asked while stuttering.

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