Chapter #8: A Second Quirk?

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(Author's Note)

Sorry for the cliche and the Cringe

If the Chapter is good don't give me credit for the Idea That goes to





But Sly_Dragon Suggested it and DepressedAligator,BrynChelsea12
And Dontaylong went with it

(Y/N) P.O.V

You and your team got back from the Locker room and you made your hero costume yourself

As you were thinking to yourself you lost thought when you heard your name being called

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As you were thinking to yourself you lost thought when you heard your name being called

Midoriya: Hey (Y/N) Come on we have to go

You look up to see midoriya but to your surprise you realized that he looked a little more determined than you thought he would be

You lightly chuckled to yourself while jumping as high as you could possibly jump and landing on your two feet

(Y/N): Alright!

So basically this is what you were explained there's a weapon upstairs don't ask me why it looks like a bomb I don't really know but what the hero team is supposed to do which is
Team (A) they're supposed to go in and Evacuate the weapon the villain team Which is Team (D) is supposed to protect the weapon.

When you finally got in the building you started to check every corner to make sure That back Bakugou couldn't have gotten a jump on you

Midoriya: (Y/N) what are you doing

You Turn to Midoriya

(Y/N): Just making sure Bakugou doesn't get a jump on us

Midoriya: Guess that makes sen-

He was cut off when a huge explosion Was Heard

"Bakugou" you said to yourself

And out of nowhere Bakugou appeared and threw is right leg at you as hard as he could

But Thanks to Midoriya he was able to throw back Bakugou

(Y/N): Thanks

You said to Midoriya

Midoriya: That's what friends are for
He said in a struggling tone

You turn back to look at Ochako but realised she was gone

(Y/N): She's going for the weapon you thought to yourself Great

After you finished collecting your thoughts you realised Bakugou was just 2 eh maybe 1 inch away from Punching you

(Y/N): Time Freeze
.you Mumbled Softly

After time had stopped you had a choice either go for the weapon or stay with Midoriya

(Y/N): As Much as I wana go for the weapon right now I still need to get revenge for everything Bakugou has done you walk over to Bakugou and Punched him over and over and over you backed away to see how much damage it would have done

(Y/N): Time Unfreeze

You say normally wishing you could learn to just activate it like when you were 4 and in Middle School

When you looked at Bakugou He seemed to have 0 effect

And he completed his punch

You were sent flying across the hallway

Then he grabed Midoriya and he Threw him on the other side of the hallway

You got up but you fell back down

(Y/N): Ugh I wish I had a bat so i could just hit him

When you tried to get up again your right hand couldn't touch the floor

When you realised this you of course looked at your right hand

And saw it was in like a bubble portal
When you pulled on your hand you heard a voice

???:What Year

You thought to yourself what year are we in is that what "they" are asking

(Y/N): 2017

It went silent you looked around to see Bakugou finally realise you were up and he started to charge at you

You attempted to pull your hands out and it worked

You closed your eyes ready to be hit like in Middle school

And just how you wanted it it never came

You got up and tried to run but noticed a bit of weight on that hand

(Y/N): what the

You looked at your right hand that has a bat in its palm

You were trying to get away from Bakugou but you stop and walkes back to Bakugou

(Y/N): I wanna Test something

You thought

(Y/N): I wish for a Gold Lion Heart Shield from the Medieval Times

And It appeared when you pulled your hand out

'Time Unfreeze'
You thought to yourself

You ran to Bakugou with a bat and a shield

He ran at you with his explosive quirk backing him up

He swung his right arm and you ducked under it
You let go of the shield and hit him with the bat he cried out in pain

You picked back up the shield and you charged at him but he grabed the bat and swung it at you

Lucky you blocked with the shield and Punched him then you grabed and twisted it back he screamed

But while he was screaming you swiped him of gis leg and grabed the bat again

(Y/N): Stay Down

You turn around but he gets up
And he pulls a pin on his grenade gauntlet and a huge blast comes torwards you

You got hit by the blast and you're unable to get up
and you look up to see Bakugou ready to finish you off.

Thats The End
Of this Chapter
Anyway like I said if you like it
Dont give me the credit for the idea give it to






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