Chapter 12

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Previously on Chapter 11

It's starting to get late, so Peter left me to rest. I laid on my back as I stare at the ceiling. I close my eyes as I slowly drift off to peaceful slumber.

-First Day Back to Class-


It's been a week since I'm allowed to leave the hospital. I've been better. Today I'll be returning to college. But it was after a lot of argument with Peter. He told me that I still need to rest. But I told him I was fine. He finally agree after a lot of convincing.

It was early in the morning. I was awake by someone lightly shaking me. My eyes flutter open to meet with a familiar brown gaze. I smile "hey Pete" I say. He smiles back "morning babe" he said, kissing my forehead softly. 

I sit up and stretch a bit. "What time is it?" I asks him. He check his watch "7.15 a.m" he said. "Why so early... Class starts at 9 a.m" I asks him. He shrugs "I thought you'll need some time to get ready" he said. I smile, I got up and kiss his cheek "I'll start getting ready now" I said, leaving the room after grabbing everything I'd need for today.

After my morning routine. I head towards the kitchen to see Peter preparing meal. I smile at the sight of him. I tip toed behind him. "Nice try. You know I have senses thanks to my spider ability" he said. I pout "you could've just pretend" I said. He chuckles and turn around to see me. "You're cute..." He said. I blushed and look away.

I heard him turning off the stove. Then I heard his footstep coming closer to me. Then one of his arm wrapped around my waist as the others on my nape. Then he pulls away and looks at me. "You should've gotten use to it by now" he said.

He moves to the stove and place the dishes on the plate. Then he walks over to the dining table and place them there. Then he looks up to me "come on... Let's have some breakfast before we go to college" he said. I smile and take a seat. He kiss my forehead, then seated himself on the chair across from me. Then we start eating. We would occasionally talk about random things as we eat.

After eating breakfast. I place all the dirty dishes on the sink. I was about to wash them, when Peter stops me. "Do that later, babe. We need to head to the university now. You don't wanna be late on your first day back, do you?" He asks. I shook my head, telling him that I don't wanna be late.

He grabs my hand. He uses his tech and fetch our bags. He turns to me and gave me my bag. "Let's go" he said. Then we walk out of the house, I lock the door. Then we walk over to his car. He opens the passenger seat for me. Then he walk around and enter himself in the driver seat. He smiles at me "buckle up, baby" he said. I did as told. "Done!" I said. He smiles and start driving us to the drive way.

After a while of car ride. We finally reached to the university. He told me to wait so I did. He run around the car and open the door for me. "Thank you" I say smiling. He smiles back at me.

Then he held my hand and we start walking to the university. When we enter the building, in an instant every eyes is on me. "Why are they staring at me like that?" I asks Peter. "You've been coma for a week. No body expected you to make it... They think you'll-" he can't finish his sentence. I squeeze his hand "I get it... But you don't have to worry, Peter. I'm still here" I said. He turns to me "yeah... I'm really glad you're still here with me" he said.

Then Peter turn his head to look forward. Then I notice his eyes darken. I follow his gaze to see Janice and her gangs, she's making her way to us, until see was right in front of us. Fear starts to crept up on me as I start to shaking, I don't wanna be anywhere near her. Peter notice my discomfort and steps in front of me. I clutch his shirts. "Go away Janice" Peter said. "No! I just wanna apologise" she said. Peter turn his head slightly to look at me. I shook my head. Peter turns his gaze back to Janice "no.... Leave her alone. What you did to her is unforgivable" he spat at her. "Bu-" I cut her off before she can finish her sentence. "No! Leave me alone... I'm gonna report you to the police, you deserve to be punished by the law. You almost killed me" I said. Her eyes widened "n-no p-please..." She said. I shook my head "I said leave me alone" I said louder this time.

She looks down and turn to leave. Once she was out of sight, Peter turns to me. He cups my cheeks "you okay?" He asks, worriedly. I look up at him and nod my head.


It was lunch time. Peter makes sure to stay by my side all the time. He's wants to make sure that I'm okay. He doesn't want the same thing happens to me.

Next lesson is the last for the day. Peter take me to class. When I get there, everyone turns their attention to me. "Take care of my girl" Peter said to everyone, they nod their head. Peter kiss my cheek "wait for me to come. Don't leave the room on your own, okay?" He said. I nod my head, smiling at him. He smiles back and wave at me. Then he turns to leave.

Everyone welcomes me back. They seem happy to see that I'm still alive. Everyone seems to be more friendly then they usually did.

Finally.... I can be accepted

*to be continued*

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