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The curtain moved slightly as the wind blew through the window, sunlight occasionally dancing through the lacy material. Two children lay on the floor, crayons in their grasp as the stationary items left marks on paper.

"Adrien." A woman, with blonde hair and vibrant green eyes, called for her son. He had her features. A goofy grin was plastered on his face as he ran up to her, the crayon still in between his palm and fingers. 

"Yes, Mummy?"

"Come with me, I have something to tell you." Emilie Agreste took Adrien's free hand in her own. As soon as they were out of the other child's sight, the older Agreste knelt down to her son's height. 

"Since Monique is going away, you should give her something." She placed two things in Adrien's hand, the boy wearing a confused glance on his chubby face. "Your father gave this to me when we were younger, I think it will be the perfect gift." Adrien's face lit up, the child starting to jump around giddily. "Maman, can I give her another one too?"

"Of course you can, sweetie." Adrien giggled, sprinting back to his room. "Monie, Monie!" said girl looked up at her best friend, a toothy smile adorning her 5-year-old face. "I got a present for you!" She sat up as he sat down, the crayons now abandoned on the floor.

"You have the heart and I have the key, so only I can unlock it." He placed the heart-shaped locket in her hand, watching as her eyes widened in awe. He took the piece of paper he drew on, placing it on the hardwood floor. "In one, two, three..." He started, counting his fingers. He held both hands up. "Ten years! Will you be my girlfriend?" 



"Promise!" Adrien then grabbed two crayons, green and purple. He handed the purple one to Monique. "Sign here." He pointed to the bottom of the paper, where two dotted lines were. Monique wrote her name on the one on the right, Adrien's on the left. As the tip of the crayon left the paper, the doorbell rang. Both children looked at each other, sad expressions on their faces.

"Bye, bye, Addy."

"Bye, Monie." Before leaving, Monique pressed her lips to Adrien's cheek, then ran out the door to her parents, all the while holding the locket. Adrien's face turned fire-engine red, watching her exit down the hallway. His hand went up to his cheek slowly, smiling as he looked at her handwriting. 

"A promise is a promise."


AND THERE WE GO! THE STORY HAS STARTED! Enjoy! Tell me what you think so far! Yes, I know, another short prologue. *sigh* Anyways, I hope you guys like it! They might seem a bit smart for 5 year-olds but they kinda have rich parents who have given them a good education so... On a completely related note, this has been edited, since we know Mrs. Agreste's name!

~ Peanutbutter_Apple

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