Chapter 2

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       Riding on the dragons back was a lot more comfortable than Desereie thought. They kept her warm as the dragon flew through the frigid morning clouds. Its wings were like a heartbeat, rhythmic and soothing. Desereie found herself nodding off and slumping against the dragons neck welcoming sleep.  

       She was around ten years old when she found out about the Dragonian Era. Desereie thought it was fascinating, an Era dedicated to dragons? Sign her up! She would frequently ask her teacher questions about the dragons. No one gave her answers though, they labeled her as a heretic. She was cast aside, no one to comfort her when she got bullied for her interest in dragons. Everyone said they only brought destruction. Even her own parents made her stop talking about them. They threw away her drawings of what Desereie imagined the dragons looking like. They also trashed all of her research she was planning on making into a book. She hated her parents for that, no matter how much it was 'for her own good' as they would say.

       The loud roar of a dragon woke her up. They had landed on a little island which gave Desereie weird vibes. She didn't understand, it was like some force is telling her to go to the center and she will find the answers she's been looking for. The dragon mentioned a kingdom.

       "Umm, mister dragon? Is this the kingdom you were talking about? If it is, it looks rather small and," she glanced at old ruins crumbling against the wind, "not well cared for."

          She glanced at the dragon who appeared to be smiling, "No, my dear. This is simply a passage way. You cannot get to the Kingdom of Lowlie Unicorns unless you are with one. Also, my name is Orasdus." (Or-ass-diss)  

          Desereie simply nodded and walked forward. As she looked more closely at her surrounding, she noticed a lot more plant and wildlife. There were deer prancing through fields of some strange plant that resembled clouds. The trees were over twenty feet tall and the bark was a chocolate color. Desereie tripped on a tree root and fell down a rather steep hill. She fell into a lake and started sinking. Fueled by panic and bursting with adrenaline she managed to surface the water. 

"Help!" she coughed and sunk and rose again, "Help me!" 

Her cries were starting to die down when was pulled out of the lake, no. She wasn't pulled, she was levitating? Once she regained her composure she noticed who had saved her. A unicorn with a coat as white as snow and a mane and tail as bright as the sun. Its horn looked rather sharp, so Desereie decided to step back a few inches. The unicorn's eyes were a brilliant blue, like the ocean. 

"Do not be afraid, Desereie, for I know why you are here. You are our saving grace. My name is Masoandro (Mass-o-ondro) Fanahy (Fan-ey). You can call me Masoandro. Please, hop on my back so I can take you to my King," she knelt to Desereie's level. 

The unicorn's voice was a smooth as silk and sounded caring, like a mother's. Desereie found herself trusting the unicorn, so she climbed upon her back and sat down. The unicorn started running, faster than what Desereie was expecting so she grabbed a fistful of Masoandro's mane.

Desereie's journey was just starting. She knew this, of course. She doesn't have any money or clothes, or even food. All she has is the determination to keep moving forward, and that's enough for her.

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