Mycroft #1

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As you lay in bed next to your now newly wedded husband, you could hardly contain your excitement. Mycroft normally didn't like to be touched in his sleep, but you figured he was already dead to the world. You put your arm around him, and curled up to his back.

".... I'm finally (Mrs./Mr./) Holmes (or his spouse) now.." you whisper in your enthusiasm. You nuzzle into his neck and soon fall asleep.

Mycroft mostly is awake when you do things like this. Even when you both fight, you do this every night. Curl up into his backside hugging him, thinking he's asleep. He secretly loves it. He eventually, when you are actually asleep, turns over and kisses your forehead or holds your hand. You don't know this though.

After a while, finding you asleep, he murmurs,

"You're finally (Mr./Mrs.) Holmes (my spouse).."

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