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 Aaron looked at Sam with fear in his eyes. In front of him was a boy scared out of his wits, with a wish to blame that fear on the easiest thing possible. He knew that he had done wrong and he felt the guilt of it fill him up. Sam's face was full of disappointment and a tinge of betrayal lingered on his features that were reddened from sobbing. Sam could not feel what was going on around him, his head trapped him in a pit of resentment because Aaron had let this happen, he didn't know what Colby was getting "better" from but he knew he would have stopped this if he knew.

Even so, Sam couldn't help but hate himself for this, he knew that he broke Colby. He remembered their kiss like he remembered the day that they first met. He remembered the spark that made his lips burn along with his cheeks. He remembered the spark the day they started talking that made his heart burn with happiness. He remembered the softness of Colby's lips on his neck, with his feathery breaths heating up Sam's skin. He remembered the softness of Colby's arms the first time they hugged, after their first concert of being friends. He remembered how he jerked away from Sam's touch and walked to the door, leaving Sam rejected and wondering what he did wrong.

What he had said to Corey hadn't ever meant to hurt Colby, he was just trying to protect his fragile ego, even if Corey didn't know he had been left standing shocked and hurt in someone's bathroom. Looking at it now his stupid self-preservation was selfish and rude to his best friend. He hated Aaron but he hated himself more. Still, he had no way to express that so the only one was the terrified boy staring into his rage filled eyes. 

He didn't realize he had thrown a punch till the heard the harmony of Aaron screaming his name and the crack of his hand against a nose.

Sam quickly retracted his hand from his friend's face. His hand hurt and there was a tiny smudge of blood smeared on his finger. He hadn't punched someone since Liam, the high school bully, tried to pick on Colby. Aaron stood directly across from him clutching his hands to his face. Blood dripped slowly from his nose through his fingers and dripped on the shower mat that he was standing on. His eyes were closed tightly and his shoulders were tensed up as id preparing for another blow. Sam had never seen someone look so vulnerable and afraid because of him. Even though the punch had washed away a majority of his anger, it was replaced with slight fear.

Fear of himself.

He didn't even know that he was capable of punching someone that hard. Even less so, hurting one of his best friends. Sam was the probably the least violent out of all of the roommates, if Aaron's obsession with fortnite was counted. He didn't know what had happened to him. But the whole of the past two days hadn't made any sense either. 

"What the fuck Sam?" Colby spoke, for the first time that day. His voice was raspy and broken from a cocktail of suffocating and sobbing. Sam and Aaron both whipped around to look at him, and he winced at the sudden attention placed on him again. Maybe he wasn't thinking. Maybe the beers he drank an hour before were still impeding on his judgement. Maybe he was just as scared as the other two. Either way, the four words sparked Sam's anger again, once again filled with misplaced emotion sparked by his love for his best friend.

"What the fuck?" Sam echoed, with a slight edge to his voice that sent a chill down the other boy's spines. "I think I should be asking you the same damn thing."

 "What?" Colby asked.

"You were going to fucking leave me!" Sam said angrily. All of the anger that had been directed at Aaron a moment before was suddenly turned to Colby. He wanted to scream until Colby understood just how he had felt opening the door. He wanted to hold him until they both knew they were there to stay. He wanted so many things that he couldn't have and it made him so frustrated it physically hurt. So, of course,  when Colby tried to take away the only thing he knew to be truly something he had - their friendship - he was furious. A tear rolled down his cheek, this time angry. "You were ready to be gone!"

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