Rise And Shine... And Suspision

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"Hey Zack" a voice said. I turned around and saw Aedan with his pet dog Flint. " Ready to go" said Adean. "Almost" I replied. We were setting up for a camping trip. I couldn't wait. We were going to Camp Magie, which is german for magic. I didn't know why they would name a camp something like that,but that is their decision not mine. " So you're taking Flint with ya?" "Yeah I can't trust my sister with him, he would probably be missing and ear and skinny as a toothpick when i got back." "Haha" i humorly laughed. So we go on the bus, loaded our gear, and headed off to Camp Magie.

"Hey kids" said a low pitched voice. I'm your camp counselor Mr. Feu. " heh heh" me and Aedan chuckled. "Feu, heh heh." And this is my assistant Mr. Ghiaccio. " what kind of names are these?" muttered Zack. " Okay campers to your cabins." said the counselor. " Hi" an unknown voice said. "I'm Mortem, i'm new to the U.S." " Hi" said Aedan and I. " Cool you have a dog." " yeah" replied Aedan " His name is Flint" Mortem bent down and pet Flint as he went on and said " Well i better be getting to my cabin, catch ya later." He was nice i thought. "Well lets go Aedan." " Alright" he replied.

It's night time and boy am I tired. " So, what do you think about that Mortem kid, Aedan? " He's al..." just then a huge explosion came from the lake. One of the Towers have been blown up and set on fire. "WHAT WAS THAT?" said Aedan. " WE BETTER CHECK IT OUT!"

There in front of us was a burning fallen watch tower. As we gazed upon it a flaming beast of some sort snarled at us. As frightened as we were I took out my pocket knife and flung it at it. The beast's fire burned out and began to bleed. we went up to it and as we gazed at it for one measly second... it vanished into black dust in the air.

Then we were getting ready to go back to our cabin when snow started falling. We looked back and there stood a 30 ft. tall snowman. His razor sharp arms just grazed Aedans cheek and he fell. I jumped on the beast, climbed up and plowed my hand into it's eye. Suspectedly it did not bleed as it was snow and then the beast melted. Then before a breath the night was so dark we could not see the hand in front of our face. lights shined out of grave stones and hands reched out of the ground! undead zombies,skeletons,vampires any ghould of the night came at us. Still unconcious Aedan lay there on the ground and i dragged him to the cabin as fast as i could. The monsters running sprinting after us as a slam the door shut! The i looked out the door at clear morning skies and no monsters to be found. Aedan woke up and asked "wha... what happened?" "you were scraped across the face" I said. " what happened last night? Was it all a dream?" I had to know. " Zack" called Aedan. " you need to take a look at this. jut there and then we had a book giving us meanings of names for different languages. Mr. Feu. Feu? Feu was French for FIRE. Mr. Ghiaccio. Ghiaccio? Ghiaccio was Italian for ICE! Then the one that shocked me most of all. Mortom was Latin for DEATH!

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