Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

 Attention New Readers- This is a sequel to the story Forgive & Forget. It might be a bit confusing so you should probably read that one first. Thanks!


"He's not breathing, Aimee!" I cough as more smoke clogs my lungs.

"Don't. You. Dare. Die." Aimee pants as she continues her chest compressions on Jerry. Tears run freely down her face as she continues trying to get Jerry's heart to pump.

"Oh god.." My body starts shaking as I run my hand through Jerry's face. Was it colder?

"He's cold..." I mutter quietly...

"He is NOT fucking cold...Gaby go find Wolfe.... Go!" Aimee's harsh tone snaps me back to reality. She was right. I had to go find Wolfe. I look around myself trying to find something to cover myself with, but besides broken glass and burnt debris there is nothing.

"I'll be back.." I say, talking to myself. AImee is bent over Jerry's body as she frantically tries to re-vive him. Jerry is dead, there's nothing I can do for him...but Wolfe..he's alive somewhere and I had to go and find him. Taking a deep breath I turn and bring my face up trying to catch his scent. He had run off after Frederick but I couldn't tell which way. There were two buildings and they were both on fire.

They must have gone in to the bigger one, thats were Eleina was.

I take off running ignoring the pain shooting up my feet from the cuts I was getting because of the broken glass. I almost trip twice as I adjust to running on two legs instead of four. As I enter the building theres a loud crash on the top floor that causes more dirt and smoke to fill the lower level. I cover my face with my arm as I search the room trying to find the stairs. It was some kind of office of sorts.

There's no fire here but the smoke alone could probably kill me. I finally find the door that leads to the stairs and run in quickly. Thankfully theres not much smoke here so I take advantage of it and breathe in a couple lung fulls.

As I run up the stairs I feel my wolf close wanting to come out. I would be faster in my wolf form but having been stuck in it for almost seven months makes me repress the urge to shift.

"Wolfe!" I call out to him as I reach the second floor. The smoke is so thick I can barely see in front of me. Theres a raging fire to my right so I head left.

Growls emerge from the clouds of smoke as I get nearer.

"W-Wolfe?" I cough as I feel my way to the far left side of the room.

"The building is coming down!" Eleina flies past me but before she can get away I grab her and bring her closer.

"Where's Wolfe?" Her eyes widen when she sees me and immediately she starts struggling, trying to get away.

"Eleina! Where's WOlfe?" I resist the urge to shake her as I grab her harder preventing her from escaping.

"I- I don't..-" she starts.

We both turn suddenly as a loud shot is heard. Forgetting her, I run quickly towards the sound alreay scenting the blood.

No, no, please no.....

I almost trip over a solid object that stops me from going any farther. Oh my was Wolfe.

I turn him around quickly and see the blood seeping from his chest.