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"Who the hell are you?" The voice answers behind the door that I just knocked on. 

I clear my throat before responding. 

"I'm your new life coach. I'm here to help." I respond, keeping an even tone. 

"What? Did the Capitol hire you?" Cato scoffs and takes another swig of whatever liquid is in the mystery bottle. 

I nod, keeping my ground unfazed by him. I push past him and walk into his penthouse. The stench of alcohol is overwhelming but it doesn't take long for my nose to become adjusted to it. 

"How ironic, the place that tried to kill me got me a life coach. How ironic." He takes another swig. 

"I'm here to help, Cato." I try to reassure. 

"I don't need your help. I don't deserve it either. I fucking volunteered for the games. I brought this on myself. I thought that winning would bring me pride and fame. Instead I have grief and depression. So if you could leave me alone to wallow in self pity." He begins to walk away. 

"No." I state. 

He stops in his tracks. 

"What was that?" He asks. 

"I said no. I am here to fix this mess of a life. I can tell that you won't be babied into this. That won't work for you. I am tough and I'm not going to pity you and quit so we can either get this started now or you can drag your feet the whole way. Either way, I'm going to fix you." I cross my arms over my chest. 

This seems to strike him. Not used to someone being so blunt. Not used to someone not fearing him. 

"I'm not afraid of you Cato." I say. 

"You should be. I am." He looks down. 

"So what's it going to be, easy way or the hard way?" I ask. 

"Be back here tomorrow. Eight o'clock." Cato states and walks away. 

I smile to myself, this is one step in the right direction. 

--Six months later---

"Once more." I push. 

"You know, I would like to see you doing this." Cato huffs out as he bench presses one more set. 

"I am plenty fit, and I don't need to be doing this because I am sober and not a slob." I grin. 

"I'm not a slob!" He argues. 

I laugh to myself. 

"Tell that to six months ago you."

"Well that's different. That was before you." He wipes sweat off his brow with a towel. 

"True, true, and I've changed your life for the better. Yes, I know I'm amazing and you don't need to thank me! Just kiss at my feet every time you see me." I tease. 

Cato lets out a used to be rare laugh. He has begun to open up more and more as we got closer. 

"C'mon, let's go home." I tell him. 

We both head up to his penthouse. After about three months of working together I decided to stop working for the Capitol. I didn't want there influence over me anymore and Cato seemed really grateful just to have a friend now. Once I became jobless Cato was quick to offer his spare bedroom. We both blamed it on me keeping a close eye on him and making sure he wouldn't fall of the wagon but we really just wanted to be closer. 

As soon as we get back, Cato heads off to take a shower and I start supper. 

I'm in the middle of cutting vegetables when I almost cut off a finger out of shock. Cato walks out his hair slick with water and a lonely towel hanging low off his waist. His abs glisten with water. It's straight up out of a movie and my jaw nearly hits the floor. 

"Did you just check me out?" Cato asks, a smirk prominent on his face. 

"No." I instantly reject the idea and try to focus on cutting the carrots in front of me. 

"Mm, I'm not sure." His smirk continues to grow. "How the tables have reversed."

-Two months ago-

"Did you just check me out?" I ask Cato. 

"Yeah. You look really hot right now." I roll my eyes at him. 

I look down at my spandex and sports bra. 

"We're working out." I cross my arms over my chest. 

"Yeah, going for a run." He nods, "Why do you think I always let you lead?" He smirks. 

"Cato!" I smack his shoulder. 

"Ow, sorry it's just you're beautiful." 

"Cato, we can't talk like this."

"Why not?" He asks taking a step closer and reaching a hand out to my face. 

I take a step back before he can make contact. 

"Don't. We need to keep this professional."

"Why? You don't work for Snow anymore."

I shake my head and walk off to my room, not giving it a second thought. 


"You caught me." I smile. 

"You don't need to be shy about it. It's not like this is the first time we've crossed this line." Cato takes a step closer. 

"Almost crossed a line." I correct. 

"Well it's not too late to cross it." He takes another step closer and I take one back running into the kitchen cabinets. 

He reaches forward brushing a strand of hair behind my ear. He stares into my eyes deeply. 

"Well I've never been one for rules." I bite my lip. 

"That's my girl." Cato smirks until finally our lips meet. 

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