Chapter 15-Fight

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    Taking out my seraph blade, I stood my ground. Don't play around with this, and don't use it until we say so, Isabelle's voice ran through my mind almost instantly. Now is a better time to use it more than ever.

The demon's mouth opened wide, and let out one of the most loudest screams I've ever heard. Usually someone comes to my rescue, but I was on my own. I contemplated yelling for help, but the downstairs music would easily drown my voice.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize what I was facing, but I was up against a ravener demon. They weren't hard to kill, but venomous. Highly curable, but I was not ready to get bitten.

After a split second, the demon lunged at me. Automatically, as if natural, my arm that held my seraph blade protectively by my side, shot straight up and lashed at the demon. I turned our positions as he backed into the corner letting out a scream of pain.

My eyes flew to the window, it was opened, and outside were a gang of vampires. They didn't look nice or as if they had fun at the party. Instead their looks gave me a chill, all of their faces were showing mischief, as if they played one of the biggest pranks. That didn't set my mind at ease.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N), what the hell is going on in there? Why can't I open the door?!" The three sentences that were yelled at me came from behind the door. Where the demon lurked, he straightened his form and snarled at me. Izzy, Clary, Alec, and even Magnus were pounding on the door.

The demon took a second lunge, thrusting his arms at my blade, knocking it to the floor. Well isn't that just fan-tastic.

   "Don't open the door! There's a demon in here- a ravener!" My yell turned into a yelp as the demon violently grabbed my neck and lifted me toward the ceiling.

    I wasn't going to scream, if I screamed then everyone would make a scene and try to get inside. I needed to prove I'm not just some mundane with Shadowhunter blood inside me. Staring into the demon's eyes made such dark and negative emotions ran through me.

   Before I knew it the ravener slammed my head into the wall, almost knocking me straight out with the amount of force, letting go of me. I was dazed, the room was spinning. Don't faint, don't faint.

    "What was that?! Magnus bust the door open!" Izzy yelled loudly.

    "I'm working on it!" Magnus was yelling louder than Izzy, he was obviously frantic to open the damn door.

    The demon lunged at me one last time, not only taking a bite out of me, but this time I slid past right after the bite and grabbed my blade ready to fight.

   Suddenly the world was disappearing, I used all my strength to run at the demon and stab it straight in the heart. That is, if demons had them.


    It seemed like everyone was saying my name. My eyes flew from the now banished demon to the crowd of friends who were surrounding me. Magnus fell to the floor next to me and lifted my head onto his lap, caressing my cheek.

   "She got that demon pretty good I'd say." Jace tried to turn the mood lightly, as always. I would've chuckled maybe, if I hadn't gotten bite, that was the worse case scenario, and it happened.

   "Not only that but it sure did take a bite out of her." Alec's voice was starting to get faint.

   "Magnus?" Our eyes held together for what seemed like forever.

    "Just close your eyes, it'll be over soon," Magnus moved a piece of hair from my face as I obeyed and close my eyes. He reached for my hand and I found major comfort in the room that once seemed like my death bed.

   "I'll be here when you wake." Magnus winked and I was out like a light.

   I couldn't wait to wake up even more.

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