BGM - A Long Story pt2

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This was it. You couldn't put it off anymore. You had to break up with Calum, it was for the best.

You were sitting in the middle of your bed, staring down at a framed photo Luke had given you for Christmas last year. It was a picture he had snapped at the division championship game, right after your school's team had won. The crowd flooded the field and Calum had been so high on adrenaline that when he saw you he lifted you off your feet and kissed you right in the middle of the field. You were both so happy, Calum sweaty in his dirty soccer uniform, and you wrapped in his old jersey with his number painted on your face. Everything about that moment was perfect. You wished you were there right now.

The light knock on your door startled you, pulling you from the past into the present. It was Calum, looking at you fondly from the doorway.

"Hey babe," he took a few steps in but paused when he saw a tear rolling down your cheek. "Y/N, don't cry baby, it'll be okay-"

"No Calum," you sniffled and caught his eyes for the first time. They showed the obvious sadness of leaving, but now confusion as well.


"I- I love you," you sighed and wiped at your eyes. "I love you too much to make you do this. I think that- that we should- should." You paused and took in a deep breath.

Calum was frozen like a deer in headlights. Staring at you with eyebrows pulled up and a jaw dropped open. He began to shake his head and you could see him begin to pant. "Don't do it," he whispered.

"Break up," you whimpered and looked away. It was too painful to watch him, look at him anymore. "I don't want you to worry about me while you're there. I don't want to keep you from improving yourself and becoming the star I know you are," you heaved in a breath, "I love you Calum, and I'll never forget you."

But you looked up, and he was already gone.


"yoU LEFT?" Rob's jaw dropped.

"Well, for like... thirty minutes yeah. I just knew that Y/N was the girl for me and there was no way I was going to let her break up with me out of guilt. I figured that I had to show her how serious I was," Calum leaned back in his chair and smiled thoughtfully.


Calum was back at your house after what felt like hours, but reality had been less than an hour. You were already in full post-breakup mode; there were pints of ice cream open and scattered around you, Adele was on the speakers, and Dirty Dancing was on the TV. You had never really broken up with anyone before, but based on what others around you did this seemed to be the best way to cope with the deep sadness and the feeling that your heart had been torn in half.

When you looked up and again saw him in your doorway you weren't sure if you should be upset that he didn't respect your wishes, mad at your parents for letting him in, or happy because you loved him. What you did do, was choke on the ice cream you were eating as it slid down into your windpipe.

You began hacking in your bed, and Calum rushed over to pat your back and make sure you weren't dying.

"What are you doing here?" You didn't have it in you to sound mad, but at least managed to veil, however thinly, your distinct happiness at him coming back.

Calum used his thumbs to wipe the tears from your face, and smiled at you softly. You watched in shock and awe as he lowered himself down onto one knee and-


Calum paused when Rob literally fell out of his chair. He slipped off of it like it had been greased and fell on his butt on the floor.

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