Dear Maria,

If your reading this it means you find the female chest and I am dead. I don't know how you found this chest but I want you to know that this chest has been in our family for about four generations before me. Now you must be wandering why I left this letter in here.

I am your biological mother. My name is Malay Ferdinova Queen of Sweden and her territories. I died in child birth while having you born. Your father may re marry he may not but I cannot predict his actions. When you were born there was a revolution that was trying to happen. Your great aunt Queen Elizabeth authorized the downfall of the kingdom. For reasons I do not know but they are probably known to her and no one else.

Now I don't know if your father ended the revolution bloody or peacefully. But the reason why I leave this letter to you to read is to give you some advice if your going to ascend the throne of Sweden if there is still one but if there isn't one then still keep the advice.

The advice I am about to give is one that has been given to me from my mother, my mothers mother and so on. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE!!!

I have to go now since I feel like the labor is starting so I will close this letter.

                                 I love you,

                                      Queen Malay Ferdinova of Sweden.

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