Chapter 2

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               Beeeeeeeeep! Beeeeeeeeeeep!

Is the sound of what I woke up to. I hate that school has to start on Mondays like that's pure torture. Groaning as I got out of bed ,I walked into my bathroom and started a nice hot shower to get me to wake up.

After I went into my closet and chose an outfit that said "it's to early so don't bother me" kind of look.I went downstairs to get a bowl off cereal for myself since no one was home.

  I checked my phone to see it was 8:10 and school didn't start untill 8:35 but I still had to leave early.Why?

Ava that's why she got in trouble and can't use her car for 2 weeks,so being a good friend I offered to drive her to school hoping she would say no.

Trust me I love her I do but she is to hyper in the morning and I often drink coffee but even that doesn't help me handle Ava. Putting my bowl in the sink I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door to see my baby. It was a birthday and Christmas gift.

I hoped in and started the engine and drove to Ava's house which was a couple blocks away

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I hoped in and started the engine and drove to Ava's house which was a couple blocks away.As I arrived I honked only for a very loud Ava to come out of her house.She hopped into the passenger seat all jumpy.

"Can you believe it's the first day of senior year!"Ava practically yelled.

"How can you be so happy it's Monday?"I asked her while pulling up to the school's parking lot.

"I honestly don't know."She said smiling.

We both got out of the my car and walked into the school and into our lockers,where we were met by our  two best friends Jack and Gabe."Good morning Friends!"She said very loudly.

I unlocked my locker to take out my books for class.

"So everyone pull out their schedules gotta make sure that I have my besties in my classes."Ava said.

We all pulled them out and scanned them to see what classes we had this year.Well I have classes with all my friends so that's nothing to worry about.

As we made small talk waiting for the bell to ring everything got silent and everyone was starring at something like they were suppose to.

Me being the dumb one as always, was on my phone playing a game.I felt Ava nudge my ribs and pretty roughly too."Ow what was that for"I said yelled loudly,causing the attention to come to me and not at whatever they were starring at. Stupid people I thought.

I did the only thing that could get these idiots to stop looking at me."What are y'all looking at?"I yelled to them and they all focused back on what they were looking at.

It was then that the bell rang and I got a glimpse at the focus of the attention. 3 guys? Wow cliche huh.

"Come on or we'll be late"Ava said as she dragged my hand into our first class. Science! Note the sarcasm with that.

I absolutely hated science.Once Ava had dragged me to the class she sat us in the back near the window. "Ok class since today is the first day,I'll give you today to get to know each other"The teacher said. So in other words she let us talk the whole period.

Which in my case was not good cause that would just give Ava the whole period to tell me all the gossip.I bent down to pick my earbuds from my backpack but I was snatched back up by none other than Ava herself.

"Oh no not today not after what just happen in the hallway."She said.

"What did I do so wrong but say 'OW'?" I said putting my earbuds in my backpack.

"Do you even know who those boys were."She asked seriously.I raised my eyebrow.

"I was gone for 2 months and plus should I know them?"I asked her.

"Duh! They're the new It boys of the school.They are so hot!"She said gushing.

"How does this affect me"I asked her still confused."You real clueless you know that. If everyone was starring at them walking down the hallway you should of been too"She said in a duh tone.

"Well that's stupid and next time let me carry on playing my game'' I said. She nodded,and then the bell rang for second period.

We both exited the class and went our separate ways. I was on my way to my next class English when I bumped into somebody making me drop my backpack."Oh crap"I said I bent down quickly and grabbed my backpack saying a quick sorry and then walking to my class.

I walked in saw that Gabe was already there in the back saving a seat.I walked over to him." I hope this seat is for me?"I said.

"Yeah just waiting for you to get here."He said smiling.Basically since it's the first day of school everyone is just talking."So how is your plan to get Ava to be your Girlfriend?'' I asked him.

" Shut up."he said chuckling.

"I can't wait for the boy or girl I'm not judging , you take interest in."He said smirking.

"You and me both buddy"I said laughing.

"By the way we have practice today at 4:25 and tell Ava too"He said.I smiled at him.

"Why don't you tell her? I'm sure she'll remember if you tell her." I Said. For the rest of the period we talked like we always do.

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