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Pen Your Pride

Copyright © 2012. TrilliumAngel. All Rights Reserved.

Book One | Superstition | Chapter One

Recently edited to contain both the prologue and first chapter.


            "Stay away from my girlfriend, ya hear?"

            We had gone through this once, and I promised myself never to be seen with her again. Unfortunately, I hadn't seen one of his goons standing just around the corner. Sure, if I had had superhuman powers I would have been able to scope him out before he even knew it was us talking. In any case, I wondered why she even spoke with me. We were on two different ends of the food chain. A lovely lioness matched with the king of the jungle. And me? Well, I was just a mere microscopic particle in the vast space of the atmosphere. Oxygen, if you will. Without my smarts and I Ethan here wouldn't have made it through his junior year. Now he was a senior and the process started over again. This time his girlfriend was the girl of my dreams, sadly.

            My chest heaved upward, the back of my shirt plastered to my back, which caused my stomach to be lifted up. I winced in pain, and also from the look in his eyes as he held a fist full of my shirt close to his own. "I've warned you once, and I'm gonna warn you one more time. Keep your dirty paws to yourself, nerd. Alexis would never want you, she has me to fulfill her needs," he sneered, his lips upturned into a cruel smile.

            A cold shiver ran down my spine. I had known since Homecoming that he had long since took away that girl's innocence, and the worst thing about it was that she didn't seem to mind one bit. Gritting my teeth together, I mustered up the most disgusted look I could manage. He seemed to have sensed my oncoming insult, which I easily regretted.

            He shoved my chest, fist still clenched. The force sent me back against the asphalt, my head clashing with the brick wall of the school. One of his jocks snatched up my wrist, holding it in a death grip while the other was brought up as well, yanked until my arms couldn't stretch any longer without being ripped out of their sockets. My eyes squeezed shut at the pain, preparing for what was to come.

            Ethan rolled up the sleeves of his letterman jacket, revealing the muscular yet hairy arms that matched the curved lines of brown highlighting his sun-bleached hair. Rumor had it that he hauled tractors during summer to prepare for football in the fall and soccer now, or maybe that was just to hide the possible steroids that he could have been taking.

            The first punch was bearable, but if I learned anything it was just for practice. The second brought on a wave of agony that coursed through my numbing nose before a cool gush brought with it a warm current of sticky red liquid. By the sound of the crunch, my glasses had fallen, and no doubt one of the jocks had stepped on them.

            His friends laughed, ringing in my ears. The third punch was aimed at my right eye, and the moment they dropped me to the ground the swelling began. With my left hand shakily pressed against the ground to keep me up, my other shot up to my eye. The skin was burning up, but at least my cool fingers brought enough relief to keep me from crying out.

              My mistake was exposing my stomach. Liam, one of Ethan's popular friends, lashed out his foot against my gut, kicking me back against the wall. The force knocked the wind out of me, causing me to gasp in shock and receive no air in reply to my plea. Ethan smirked down at me, arms crossed over his chest. "Next time, your warning won't be so friendly."

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