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Dear Smartasses,

I woke up at 12:57 this morning. Got on my phone, and saw that somebody messaged me on Wattpad. I think it was a hacker or something, because it didn't have a username. It just said ••• I clicked the profile to see the profile, but nothing happened.
It said:

Hey... I'm a big fan.

Not really, but I know you would read the whole thing if I started it out like this.

Fucking faggot. I've read all of your chapters in your story, and I must say, those suicide attempts you tried, you probably just did them for attention. Faggots like you should just kill yourselves. You are a disgrace to God's wonderful world, and those attempts should have worked.
Your boyfriend, Caleb was it, should kill himself too, or get over this whole "gay" phase. It's sickening and it goes against the natural order of the world. You say you go to church, but yet you don't follow the Bible. Sick fucko. Your cancer is God punishing you for being gay. SO KILL YOURSELF
I'd be happy if your "sister" posted a chapter on here saying you were dead. But wait, isn't she pansexual? Maybe I should message her, and Caleb too.

Love you!!

I have sat in my bed doing nothing but staring at the wall since then.


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