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I'm a wrestler. A female wrestler. A female lesbian wrestler. It's my job and my hobby at the same time. And I love it.

My parents and friends disapprove of course. They hate the fact that I'm interested in a 'men's sport'. I'm not even going to start on the fact that they're all homophobic shits.

Lifting weights, fighting others, having a six pack and toned muscles is apparently not what woman should have. Especially not a woman who likes other woman and not men. Well fuck them and fuck that.

I don't always win. I often leave the ring beaten, bruised and aching everywhere.

Today is one of those days.

"Ugh," I groan and spit out some blood onto the corridor floor. Lisa rushes to my side with a towel and an ice pack. She wipes the sweat off my forehead and presses the ice pack to my eye. I snatch the ice pack from her angrily.

"Sorry," I mumble. "I can't believe I lost to Momo again. JYP's Wrestlers are so tough," I huff in annoyance and kick open the door of my room. Lisa closes it behind me as I collapse into the chair in front of the mirror. I look like a wreck.

"Take a break," Lisa says and undoes my hair from its ponytail.

"Lisa no," I reply angrily. She always says this.

"God dammit why?" She suddenly breaks out.

"I'm so big here in Seoul, I can't just take a break. I have fans,"

She sighs.

"Listen, Those fans ne-"

"I can't do this anymore," she cuts me off, placing the towel down.

"What do you mean?"

"This job. I can't do it. I quit," she states and looks at me blankly.

I spin around in my chair. "What?? Why? Lisa???"

"It's breaking me and Chae apart," she says sadly.

My heart drops. "W-what? How?"

"All these nights spent away from home, I never get to see her,"

I'm silent, suddenly feeling very guilty. I've know Lisa and her girlfriend Chaeyoung since we were all kids.

"Plus, I want to move away from Seoul,"

"WHAT? Lisa why??" I'm so shocked. Lisa has lived in Seoul ever since she moved to Korea from Thailand.

She shrugs as if it means nothing. "I want a quiet life. With Chae, hopefully,"

I nod slowly and turn back to the mirror. "Okay," I say. "That's cool,"

She smiles a little. "Thanks for all you've done for me," I stand up and hug her.

"That's okay, thanks too,"

And just like that she leaves. I start to feel upset when another thought enters my mind. I need a replacement.

"Fuck," I mutter. I pull out my phone and call Lisa.

"Yah!" I yell once she answers.

"I need a replacement! I've got a fight in 2 days! I can't find one this quickly! What am I supposed to do??!"

"Hey! Calm down jeez," she say through the phone. "I already got you one!"

"You- Oh. Oh, uh thanks I guess,"

She laughs. "That's okay. I told her to start tomorrow,"

"Okay.. whats her name? Your replacement?"

"Jisoo. Kim Jisoo. She's hot,"

I laugh. "Don't let Chaeyoung hear you say that,"

She laughs. "Well, I'll hang up now, bye!"

"Bye! Say hi to Chae for me!"

"Yup! See ya," And she hangs up.

So she already got a replacement set up before she even quit. I feel a sense of betrayal but it's quickly replaced with guilt. I was breaking Lisa and Chae apart? Well, they should be fine now right? I bit my lip and sigh.

song rec: bad boy - RED VELVET
a/n: I know nothing about wrestling, I just thought this was a cool concept don't attack me pls

dedicated to:

Thebrainyzombie cos she helped me with some of it and read through most of it

kawaame cos she loves jensoo ahaha
plus she's a babe, check out her account

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