Teen Mermaid

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Kayla's P.o.v

I gasped in pain as my tail got caught in wire.

I looked up as the moon shone and the shallow water.

My eyelids got heavy. I struggled to get free but I collapsed in exhaustion.

I groaned in pain. My head pounded from the large cut that throbbed at the back of my head.

eSuddenly everything blacked out.


Nick's P.o.v

I walked along the shore, watching to the waves slowly seep onto shore.

I checked the time on my watch. It read 6:30 am.

I sighed aloud, I wasn't able to sleep.

My eyes traveled along the shore and landed on something pink.

I frowned in confusion.

I walked down the shore my eyes still fixed on the little piece of pink.

My eyes widened.

It's a person.

I quickly ran down the shore.

God I hope their okay.

As I got to her, my eyes widened.

Holy sh!t.

She's a mermaid.

She suddenly opened her eyes.

They were a gorgeous brown.

She started to breath heavily and tried to get away.

"No, no it's okay"I said softly.

She looked at me, fright clear in her eyes.

"It's okay, I'll help you"I said bending down to the wire.

She nodded.

My eyes traveled down her long tail.

It was a light shade of pink.

I found a sharp rock and used it to cut her free.

I looked back at her.

She had a cut on the side of her head and looked weak.

She slowly inched away from me.

"No, no I won't hurt you"I said softly but quickly.

Suddenly her tail disappeared and she had legs.

She covered herself with her arms.

I quickly took off my t-shirt and slowly stretched out my arm.

She hesitated but took it.

She slipped it on.

She was gorgeous.

I was hypnotised.

"Are you okay??"I asked pointing to her cut.

She shook her head no as tears brimmed her eyes.

"No don't cry, what's your name??"I asked softly with a small smile.

"Kayla"She said in a small voice.

"Come with me, let's clean up your cut"I said holding out my hand.

She looked back out to see then back to my hand.

She gently took it.

Might sound cheesy but...

electric shocks buzzed through my body.

I pulled her up.

She was tiny and really light.

Her legs were wobbly and she nearly fell.

I caught her quickly.

She gave me a small smile.

"Where are we going??"She asked quietly.

"My house"I smiled.