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"Daddy please!"

"No, you're going to get what you deserve!" I heard him yell at me.

I cringed in fear as he whipped out his belt.

Not this again.

He grabbed ahold of my hair, pulling my face closer to his.

"You ungrateful girl! You think you could get away with sneaking food?" He yelled right in my face, his breathe smelling strongly of alcohol.

I could feel hot tears running down my face.

"Daddy, I didn't mean to!" I begged him.

He slapped me, "Did I say you could talk?"

I shook my head. 

"Then next time, don't talk."

I nodded my head, not daring to say a word. I know what would happen if I did.

"Good girl." He said as he threw me roughly onto the ground as if I was a rag doll.

"But I still have to punish you." 

The hot tears started to run down my face once again as he continually whipped me with his belt. 

"You deserve this! You bastard child! You brought this unto yourself! You're a whore just like your mother!" Then his face got an evil look onto it, "You might as well act like one"

He stopped whipping me and forced me up. He grabbed onto my arm tightly, pulling me down the hallway. I tried getting out of his grip, but that only caused him to hold me even  tighter. All that can be heard were my quiet sobs that manage to escape my mouth and his heavy breathing. 

He opened the door to his bedroom and threw me onto his unmade bed. His sheets reeked of cigarettes and booze. I literally almost vomited right then and there, but I knew what the consequence would be if I did.

"Strip you ungrateful child!" He yelled at me.

I shook my head. 

I knew where this was headed. I just never knew he would actually do it. He's always gotten close, but something always came up and by the look on his face, I wasn't getting out of this any time soon.

He slapped me across the face, "I didn't ask you! Now hurry up!"

Tears kept flowing down my cheeks as my shaky hands started to unbuckle my jeans. I looked up at him with pleading eyes, but all I could see in his eyes was lust. Another sob left my mouth as I stripped myself of my jeans and headed towards my shirt. 

"Hurry up I said!" He yelled once again as he hit me with his belt across the face.

My cheek stung, but I hurriedly stripped myself of my undergarments and laid on his bed. I could feel the breeze hit my bare body. As I closed my eyes, I could hear him quickly undressing himself. After he had finished undressing, I could feel him get on top of me. His rough skin pressed up against mine made me want to bundle up in a hole and die. 

My cheek stung again as he slapped me.

"Open your eyes." I did so. "Now you're going to enjoy this whether you like it or not."

I nodded my head, my vision blurring as tears clouded my eyes. 

I felt something poke my inner thigh and slowly was shoved inside of me, making me shriek in pain.

I saw his face contour into pleasure as he repeatedly rammed into me. Me on the other, couldn't handle the pain and sobs continued to leave my mouth.

"Shut up with the crying! This should be enjoyable! I better hear you moan my name you slut!" He yelled at me, while pounding into me harder and more painful.

I nodded my head and, in pain, I moaned his name out considering that if I didn't , my punishment would be worse.

"That's what I thought you slut!" He grunted.

He did until he grunted out in pleasure and slumped on top of me.  I stayed as still as possible as he laid for a couple of seconds before getting off of me. 

He grabbed his clothing, "Get out of here slut."

I nodded my head and ran out of there as quick as I could.  I ran into my room and shut the door before jumping onto my bed, wrapping my body with the old, ripped up sheets that i had.  My father thought that it was a waste of money to buy new sheets, so this is what i'm stuck with

I stuffed my face into my pillow as to quiet my sobs. I was in pain. Not only physically, but mentally. I always thought that sex was pleasurable and it's not. That was the most unbearable pain that I've ever endured. I don't know how a father could do this to his sixteen year old daughter. 

I always had the highest grades, always the top of my class; I was an angel. Everything changed once my mother died when i was twelve due to a brain aneurysm. At first it was minor punishments such as no television or dessert. But as the years went on, they became more and more harsh. I couldn't understand it. 

My father was someone who everyone wanted as a father. He did charities alongside my mother, he went to every school event, and he always took my mother and I out. But once the passing of my mother came, he changed. He stayed out later every night, coming home smelling strongly of alcohol. He became more aggressive, hitting me, not allowing me to eat because in his words I was an "ungrateful child".

I've endured this pain for four years now and I know that the real pain has only yet to start. 


New story!! Woohoo! As you all know, this is a completely different than what i usually do, but I wanted to do something that was relative in the world. Abuse is very common and very hard, but just know that you're not alone! I may not be the best advice giver, but I can listen! Message me if you ever need to talk!  This book is already completed but I will update it regularly to keep everyone in suspense! The more votes and comments I get, the faster I will post the next part! Love you guys!

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