009; Happy Again

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Sadie woke up to the sweet smell of pancakes and syrup. She looked at her clock and read 9:16. She gasped and got dressed as quickly as she could and ran downstairs.

"I'm late! See you later mom!" Sadie says and makes her way to the door.

"Oh no, honey your father and I decided to let you sleep in today. You won't be attending school." Her mom says and hands her some pancakes.

"Why?" Sadie asks and sits at the table.

"I decided to give Millie's father a call, he'll be here at ten." Her mother says. Sadie smiles.

"Thank you Mom. Is dad at work?" Sadie asks

Her mom nods. "He doesn't know that I'm getting help, and he doesn't need to know okay?"

"Okay. I'm just happy you decided to do the right thing." Sadie smiles and begins to eat her breakfast.


Sadie sat on the living room couch watching Grey's Anatomy when the doorbell rung. She hopped off the couch and opened the door and saw a worried Caleb McLaughlin.

"Oh, your okay! Why weren't you in school?" Caleb asks and hugs her. "Millie and I were worried all day."

"I'm fine, my mom let me stay home because Millie's dad was coming. Caleb my mom is finally getting help. Everythings okay." Sadie smiles

"That's great!" Caleb laughs. "We should get Millie and go see a movie tonight to celebrate."

"Okay." Sadie laughs as Caleb walks away back towards his home.

This story is coming to an end guys❤ I love you and thank you so much for all the support on these stories. I had so much fun writing them😍 xoxo

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