Chapter 1

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"Beep beep" alarm goes off. "First day of the academy!!" Moon said. Moon got ready to go as fast as she could. When she was done getting ready and eating breakfast she saw a note on the counter. "Huh what's this?" Moon said. Moon read the note. " sorry I'm not here to say goodbye in person. So I thought of saying it on a note but write me note before you leave please" the note said. So Moon wrote a nice neat letter and left it on the counter. Then Moon jolted out the door before she missed the bus. When she got to the academy she was amazed how big the academy was she had her bags with her. Out of no where a girl surprises Moon from behind. "Boo!" The girl said Moon jumped "AHH!" Moon screeched "you frightened me" Moon said. The girl says "Sorry about that. Oh I'm Mira your roommate I'm hear to show you to your dorm". "Oh ok I'm Moon nice to meet you" moon said. "Nice to meet you too now let's go" Mira said. They went to the dorm.[to be continued].......[ I might have pictures in chapter 2]

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