Part 2 : Your Words Are Unfair

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Hazan PoV

The road seemed longer than she expected. She checked twice her phone, looked from the window, tried to focus on the songs airing in the radio, but nothing seemed to lift how heavy the atmosphere was in the car. He didn't say a word since she got in. She felt awkward, no she felt bad. Why is he inviting her if he's keeping quiet ? and what is he thinking about now ? How long has he been single ? Maybe he's still thinking about his ex! She heard that they were a long time couple, since high school actually ... too much questions Hazan, focus on this evening, you must be happy for being with him but...
H : A present!
S : What ?
H : We should have bought a present for her, a birthday gift, kim bilir, something ....
S : It's not that kind of birthdays Hazan! she's not 8. It's just à gathering to party, dance, have some drinks...
H: I never drank before
He didn't seem to hear her, he didn't comment. She continued:
H: I mean I have no judgement about it, it's just that I have not had the opportunity to do family are not the kind...We had parties in the Uni...I didn't like...
Still no reaction from his side. She decided to keep her thoughts to herself.

Sinan PoV

She kept talking. He wanted to focus but he couldn't. He shamefully wished she could stop talking, let it be through ignoring. Finally, she did. He was too absorbed by the thought of Nil and worrying if he was right by using Hazan ? Everything is going to be fine, Hazan was a little bit too chatty and nervous, she seemed as good and naive girl, she will get disappointed maybe when she gets the reason but she won't get mad, he didn't promise her anything, he was probably not her type and she will have fun in the party and that's all, they won't have to talk again, aside from their usual little chat at the gym, so what matters is Nil reaction, anyway.

Hazan PoV

They arrived to the house, which was hidden by a dense forestation. They drove through a long driveway of luxurious cars.
A man came to take the keys and park the car. She was impressed by the location. Such a beautiful house, at least from the outside. He didn't open the car door for her but she thought that it must be an outdated practice. He grabbed her arm as to walk like a pair. She was nervous but excited, he intends to make it clear they were together. She still doesn't know what a relationship beginning should be like. She didn't have a proper date through her University years, so Sinan must knew better. Stop stressing about it, everything will go well. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans pants. He had an athletic body and would walk around as a proud model. He surely was confident about his looks and knew that people will be looking at him. If only he could share some of that confidence with her to relieve her nervosity. The door was open, they walked through. That exact moment, everyone turned to look at them. Too much lights. She took a glimpse at the main room they were in. The wooden walls was suited for a cabin house. The furniture was fancy and decorations were made with style and taste. She looked for the house owner or the birthday girl but she remembered that she does not know her face. Embarrassing. No no, such things happen, she will get to meet her and Sinan will introduce her... A pair of eyes were following her since she went in, he was standing next to the bar. She kept her left arm in Sinan's. Her right arm reached the bottom of her dress which she grabbed nervously... The green eyes were still fixated on
her... She avoided that side of the room, she will look at the others. Many unknown faces. Some she could recognize from the gym but she was unable now to remember the names, not in this moment. The music is loud but she thought everyone could hear her breathing. The green eyes, or were they blue? Too far to judge and she is breaking her decision to ignore the bar area...the green blueish eyes were now scanning her dress and she knew he will soon look at her shoes. She always preferred flat but tonight she put high black heels. The shoes were not easy to walk in, but she couldn't not wear heels. It's this type of parties where you may be judged easily about yours. She had a bitter smile when looking at hers, they cost her a fortune, she thought ironically to herself, a fortune in Camkiran standards, and they probably were the cheapest in the room. She had no other choice than those but that insisting stares made her make two or three steps backwards, she couldn't hide the shoes behind a furniture, they were standing in the middle of the room and every inch of their bodies and outfits were visible to this group who were observing them. The green eyes gave her a break, he was talking to a girl next to him, she was hidden by his body and she couldn't see her face, the girl walked away. Hazan looked at Sinan waiting for his words but he was looking at the bar and observing the same scene as her.
Two girls came to them to greet them "Sinan, we thought you will skip the party (then, looking at her), hi, you are ?"
Before Hazan had the chance to answer, she saw the green eyes walking firmly towards them. He had brown short hair and invisible strand was dancing on the left side of his forehead. His broad shoulders were covered by a black silk jacket. He was among the rare attendees in a suit.
He had an angry look. Who gets angry in a birthday party?
He walked graciously but firmly. She looked at Sinan to discover his concerned face. Before she even had the chance to utter a word, a husky voice interrupted her, "what are you doing here ? what's wrong with both of you ? " .
It's him, the same stranger who was observing her, ... them, since their arrival.
Sinan immediately replied " Abi, yapma!".
The husky voice came again, louder this time, on the tone of an order " I agree, let's not do this here"... He stopped for a second than pursued"follow me to the back garden, she's there".
Hazan was confused, is he Sinan brother ?
She made two steps forward to follow them but the new guy and by a hand gesture stopped her, in the driest possible way "I was not speaking to you! You stay here, or go home if you prefer!".
Hazan looked shocked at Sinan, waiting for him to say something ..."how embarrassing!" But Sinan didn't utter a word, he had this uncomfortable face and she couldn't tell if he's annoyed by his brother or by her. She insisted and begged him "Sinan, what's going on?"...he finally said "I'm sorry...Hazan...I'll be back.."
As they walked away, she felt her knees are weakening and she only wished to scream "what the **** someone explains something to me???" The scream didn't left her throat, hopefully. She ran to the main entrance then she remembered she can't leave, she came with Sinan and she has now to wait for him so she returned inside. Frustration brought tears to her eyes but miraclusily, those tears froze before leaving her eyes. She was maybe too frustrated to cry or to have any reaction. A waiter passing by offered her Champagne so she grabbed the glass and drunk it in one shot. Such a classy act but she couldn't care less. She has to understand what's happening, she walked towards the back garden, some young people were standing by the French window, talking and smoking. She stood there looking at what she hoped was a nightmare not reality : in the back garden Sinan, the new guy and...and a girl... A girl she recognized now... The blond who was standing next to the mysterious harsh guy,...she was Nil. It took her two seconds to understand that they were arguing and to see Sinan trying to explain himself...
The guy in the suit was nearly screaming "aptal should be ashamed...I'm done here... Sort your issues...."
He walked away to get back to the house and just as he walked by her, he gave her the most despicable stare she have seen until now.

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