From The Host

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"Dark finds a man in an orange jumpsuit in a prison yard. He asks the man why he called and why he was there. The man refuses to answer the second question, instead stating that he wants Dark to care for a child. Dark reels for a moment, surprised, then recovers and asks why, to which the man responds by drawing up to his full height and declaring that Dark owes him big time, and that he'd better pay up.
"Dark merely gives him a withering glare, and the man realizes that this is he wrong response to take with a demon. So he collapses and pleads, telling Dark that the child is only ten and needs him, and that the man does not trust the foster care system. Dark asks whether he truly trusts a couple of demons more. The man says yes. Dark considers the request, then agrees.
"Not far away, Anti, upon hearing this from the Host, stands and begins cursing, then demands to know how Dark could have agreed to something like that without asking. The Host reminds him that Dark was forced to make the decision in only a few moments with no time to consult. Anti storms away, slamming the-"
WHAM! The basement door closed. Anti stormed away from the Host's room, fuming. Dealing with the Host often left him like this. Hearing him talk over you, describing what you're saying, his matter-of-fact narration of everything... One had to be very patient to listen for very long.
So Anti left the basement of Raspy Hill to go sit on the couch in the room adjoining the foyer, ready to confront Dark when he got home.

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