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"I am not going to marry you!" Laura shouts at Gerard. "Why didn't you say anything?!"

Just as she's about to jump at the taller Catalan, Sergio and René hold her back.

"I didn't even know about this!" Gerard shouts back, clearly just as disgusted as her.

"Did any of you know about this?" Marc asks the Ramos siblings.

"Why the hell would we know anything about this?" Sergio asks back, angrily.

Joan and José walk into the room where their kids are, and Laura immediately glares at her father.

"What the hell?! Please tell me you were joking when you said that!" she screams.

"Laura, watch your language," he says first. Her mouth drops open as she stares at him. Her eyebrows arch.

"This is what you were trying to tell me earlier? You had all this time, and you decided to me today and then you didn't!"

"Dad, you're not really marrying her off are you?" René asks.

"I have to," he replies.

"Look, I don't want to marry Gerard, and he doesn't want to marry me, right?" Laura asks, looking at him. Gerard nods his head. "See, we don't want it. You can't make us."

"We actually can," Joan says, staring between both of them. Laura breathes in heavily and lets out an aggressive breath.

"If mom was here, you would've never gone through  with this!" Laura shouts at her father, tears coming out of her eyes. She runs out of the room, and Sergio follows after her.

Sergio hugs Laura tightly as she cries into his shoulder.

"Shh, laur bear," he says softly. She lets out a shaky breath, and begins wiping her eyes.

Sergio knew how close Laura had been with their mom. It was something she never wanted to talk about; she blamed herself for what had happened.

Meanwhile in the room...

"Why would you do that?" René asks simply, shaking his head.

"René, we had no other choice. It's to the point-." José glares at his eldest child as he interrupts him.

"No other choice? Your only choice was to force your daughter into a marriage with a man she hardly knows? She's right, if mom was here, you wouldn't be doing this."

"You might be right, but guess what? Your mother is dead, and she can't affect the decisions I make."

René approaches Gerard, a glare on his face.

"You do or say anything to upset my little sister in any way, I will not hesitate to shoot you in the ass," he says angrily, grabbing his wife and exiting the room.

Gerard stares at both of their fathers.

"So, my dream of ever proposing to the woman of my dreams is out the window?" he asks, cocking his head to the side. Joan sighs.

"Make Laura the woman of your dreams," his father replies softly.

"Do you want me to send Laura to live with you?" José asks, and Gerard puts his hand up immediately.

"No, I will come to her. She's taking this much harder than I am, so I will do anything in my power to make her as comfortable as possible," Gerard says.

It was true. Gerard could sense that Laura was taking the news much harder than him. He was furious that either of their parents thought this was okay; Sergio could've easily taken over. He would do anything that he could to make the situation easier for her, and someday he hoped that they might truly love each other.

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