Chapter 2 - The Mission Begins

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I walk into Terrence's first class, coming in right on time. The teacher then walked in, which Terrence just so happens to have Cooper first. I watch as Cooper walks to his desk provided by the school.

"Morning class, I'm your new teacher, Mr. Frought," he introduced himself, looking around the room, his eyes landing on Terrence and his facial expression changing, "what are you waiting for? Take your seats you two!" Terrence turns away and made his way to his seat while Cooper quickly winked at me. I smiled and went to the only empty seat in the room: next to Terrence.

"Today's going to be a fairly easy day. I'm going to give you a couples of worksheets to work on, and you will be allowed to work with partners, but only the people next to you." Cooper looked like he was calculating something in his head, then he spoke, "You two, move your desks together.... good, and you two move together... okay, and you two..." Cooper continued pairing student together and finally came across Terrence and I. "And you two, desks together..." Terrence and I pushed our desks together and sat down, "perfect... Now, worksheets."

Cooper went to his desk and grabbed a stack of algebra work, passed them out, and sat down at his desk, "If you have questions, ask. Get to work."

I looked over to Terrence who kept glancing at me, "Do I have something on my face or what?"

"Yeah, actually, there's a bit of pretty and beautiful on your face..., sorry, was that too straight forward?"

"Yeah, a little... a lot actually..." I was at a lost for words, come on Amanda Luciana-Rose Blake, snap out of it, you're on a mission! I internally snap at myself and look down at the paper Cooper gave to me. I immediately fill out the answers for the first two questions.

"How'd you get the second one?" Terrence asks.

"Oh, you have to move the numbers with variables to one side and..." I continued explaining the first question to him as he kept staring at the side of my face. I felt my face heat up as I finished explaining the first problem and looked up at Cooper to see him glancing my way every once in a while.

"Oh, I understand now..." Terrence says as he does the work and writes his answer.

Algebra class continues for a while, I've finished all the worksheets Cooper was suppose to be providing to the class and helped Terrence out a bit with his questions. I'm currently sitting in my chair, helping Terrence, when the bell rings. I stand up, move my desk back, and gather my things.

"Alright class, hand your papers to... her, the girl in the back. What's your name?" Coop says while pointing to me.

"Crystal." I respond immediately.

"Crystal will gather the papers and hand them to me."

I glared at Cooper and soon realized that he just wanted to talk to me about something dealing with the mission since he mouthed our code word, Pepsi.

Why 'Pepsi' you might ask? Well, there's a funny story behind that. But I'll have to get to it another time cause I now have all the class's papers. The room cleared out, leaving me and Cooper alone.

"So, Crystal... Terrence seems to be taking your bait."

"Yeah? I haven't even made any moves, besides accidentally bumping into him. Just so happens he's fallen for my looks."

"Watch yourself, we don't know what we're dealing with yet."

I nodded in agreement, when a thought hit me, "I think I have a plan on further investigating his father, but I believe we'll need a third person..."

Cooper stared at me, while I was looking out the classroom door's window, watching a teacher and talking to what I can only presume a student's parent.

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