Chapter 5

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"Would you like a glass of water?" Neil's eyes were filled with amusement as Avni remained pale and speechless.

"Yes, please" Avni whispered and dropped down onto the chair without caring that now she was sitting right next to his muscular thighs. She couldn't pretend to be calm and composed anymore, because she wasn't feeling any of those things! Far from them.

Neil was smiling as he moved to the drinks cabinet nearby. Avni was paying only half attention to him as he poured some water in an expensively stylish glass.

Had this job been offered to her three years back than she would have grabbed it with both hands. Or if she would have resigned from her last job herself rather than getting kicked out of it than too she would have grasped this opportunity. But she couldn't do it now. The reasons because of which she had to leave her job with Malcolm Hawkins meant that she couldn't even think about taking this job with Neil khanna. "Here you go" he handed the glass to her and sat back on the table, closer than before.

He was too close for comfort, that too when she was feeling so vulnerable right now. "Thank you" she murmured and downed the glass in one go. She was deliberately avoiding looking at him though it wasn't making much difference, really. She was very much aware of him and could even smell his aftershave. God, the smell was tempting!

Was it only three hours since she had met this man for the first time? Thank god she wasn't awake when he had lifted her in his arms otherwise she doubted she would have been able to think about anything else except how would it feel to be touched by that hard muscled...FOR GOD'S SAKE SHUT UP MIND! Phew! The man was enigmatic. Why was she so aware of him by the way? Was it because of that kiss?

"Feeling better?" Neil asked softly.

There was no way she could feel anything but hyperventilation whenever she was near this man! So there was no chance of feeling better! Not possible at all!

She stood up, her legs almost giving away as she realized that her cheek was inches away from his nose. Carefully, she moved around the chair from the other side and after taking a deep breath, looked at him challengingly.

"Do I still have my job as a salesgirl?" she asked.

He could hardly say no after offering her the job as his PA!

Neil was clearly surprised. "You mean you aren't interested in my offer?"

Avni took another deep breath. She knew Ali and Mitali would tell her that she was being ridiculous and to some extent she agreed that she was. It was sheer stupidity to let her own career suffer because of someone else's actions but she was not going to be the reason of hurting innocent people...not again!

"No" she said quietly.

Neil shook his head, bewildered. "I don't think you understand Avni. Chances are there that my PA wouldn't return as she has taken maternity leave so this job can become permanent. I really don't understand. Why on earth would you want to continue with a job you are over-qualified for, which you don't like and which will terminate at the end of January anyway, when you are getting a much high-paying job that can become permanent?"

Well, it was a good question.

But so was the question of why exactly he wanted to employ her. Because Malcolm Hawkins hadn't given her any reference. And why would he, when he had sacked her so badly?

Besides, she wasn't sure she could trust any rich guy after her experience with Malcolm and Kabir. And especially men like Neil khanna who could actually make a girl drool! Because if he thought personal assistant meant anything more than a working relationship, then he could think again as far as she was concerned. So no, she couldn't accept this job. What was the guarantee that he wouldn't kiss her again? She wasn't sure she won't end up doing anything stupid after that, like fainting!, she remembered with a wince, if it happened next time.

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