Working it out

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Tao's POV
I was walking to school when luckily I saw 2 important people. I saw Suho, waiting for me, then I saw Kris walking towards Suho.

I ran and yelled "Annyeonghaseyo Suho-ge!"

Kris turned around while Suho smiled and waved, "Annyeong Tao."

Kris looked confused. "Hi.. Tao.."

"Hi." It was awkward, sooo.. I grabbed Suho's hand and ran off into the building.

"What did Kris say to you?"

"Nothing, he didn't get the chance to because you came." I nodded my head.

"Our plan starts now!^^" I walked to Suho's first hour then left for mine. I realized that my first hour was Chemistry.. And Kris was my partner.. Great! -.-

I walked in and saw Kris sitting there. He was on his phone, listening to music. I walked and sat down. He looked up and smiled.

Ohh.. I'm feeling guilty>.<

"Hey. Are you okay? This morning was kind of awkward."

I nodded my head. "I'm fine."


He leaned in and kissed my cheek. "I like you and I'm not going to give up on you. I'll have you one of these days."

I blushed.. And I'm feeling really bad! But I can't back out. This doesn't make up for all he's done!

"Okay.. Maybe.. Maybe Not." He gave me a worried look.

"Don't say that." I was about to say something but the teacher walked in.
"Morning class."

And so on went first and the rest of the hours.

~Lunch Time~

Suho's POV
I left my 5th hour class and headed to the lunch room. I went and looked for Tao. I turned and bumped into Lay.

"Mianhe." Lay said, bowing down.

"It's fi-" He left before I could finish. I looked and saw his face flustered red. He's either embarrassed because it happened again or.., he doesn't like me so he just wants to go. I looked around and saw Tao. He was with Kris.


"Hey Tao." Tao looked up and smiled.


I stood there, giving glares to Kris then said, "Tao, can the both of us eat outside?"

He immediately nodded his head and got up. But not before Kris grabbed his shoulder and gave him a questioned look. "And me?"

"You have Lay." Tao pointed to Lay. Kris sighed and nodded his head.

"Let's go." I walked beside Tao. I looked back and saw Kris and Lay staring at us. Lay looked sad while Kris looked like he was gonna murder someone. Scary.

"Hey Tao."


"Are you sure we should do this? Kris looks like he's gonna kill me and Lay will be the death of me because I can't handle him looking sad."

"We have to."

I nodded my head and we sat down eating our lunch.

~2 weeks later~

Kris' POV
I'm walking around looking for Tao. Lately he's been hanging around Suho far too much for my and Lay's liking.
I opened my locker, checked my hair, then slammed it in anger.

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