chapter 5

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The episode starts with shivaay, om and rudra entering mehata mansion.
They saw anika playing with Jai, sahil and her babhies seeing her smiling shivaay felt happy

Rudra shouted in excitement anika di

Anika turns towards them and gets happy seeing them omru Mr. Oberio shivaay felt angry when anika address him as Mr. Oberio

Anika:what your doing here

Om:shivaay wants to do deal with your brothers and we came to meet you.

Anika was schoked when she hears shivaay is ready to do business with her brothers after knowing about them and says OK come I will introduce you my bhabhi .

Anika:pragya bhabhi this is om my best friend and rudra my partner in crime and he is their elder brother shivaay sigh oberio and Omru  Mr. Oberio this is pragya bhabi

Pragya:hello you three

Anika:this is Jai my cute friend. Jai say hello to uncles

Jai keep his thumb finger in his mouth and says hallo with smile


Rudra:ok come to me and picks Jai in his hand and gave him a chocolate

Jai:than u

Anika:he is saying thank you

Rudra:oh your welcome

Shivaay :k you people continue I will meet Mr. Mehata

Pragya :you come with me I will take you

Shivaay moved in with pragya

Shivaay confession

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