First Mission p.1- Zane

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Zane thought a simple supply run would be great for your first mission!

You however weren't amused in the slightest, he just thought you weren't ready for a real mission, when you were more than ready.

"Gezz, this is stupid." You mumbled as you grabbed the many cakes Cole wanted.

You turned down to the produce section and saw Zane?

You thought he was back home, how is he here.

'Maybe he's stalking me.' You thought to yourself.

Well, that's what you thought, till he turned to face you.

That wasn't the Zane you know, this Zane had red eyes, and even paler if that's possible.

You remembered what your brother told you about the evil doubles.

You ran out of the store and turned a corner only to run into Kai and Jay, "Thank goodness!" You said in relief.

"What's going on Y/N?" Kai asked turning around.

You saw the sun glasses and gasped.

They chuckled and grabbed you.

You hit your bracelet, "Zane! Help!"

Zane heard your voice through your emergency com. "Y/N!?" He asked in panic as the line went dead.

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